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While in Hong Kong, I fell in love with a new set of in-ear buds and convinced myself to buy it as there was a discount offer at the store. It is a pair of Beats designed from Monster Cable’s headphone collaboration with Dr. Dre (I’m a fan!) and since I wanted a compact one, the Tour in-ear version was perfect. Tried it on for a while and the pair of Phillips one I had was history. Like what Dre said “they’ll deliver sound so big, you’ll think you’ve got speakers in your ears” … and that’s so damn true! I’ll probably buy the Studio version if I strike lottery this weekend. 😀

One cool thing (yeah I’m vain) about it is the red tangle-free cables which somehow look like pasta dangling around my neck.

Check out more info here and a review here.

The album I’ve always been waiting for has also been released and I grabbed it in HMV in Hong Kong. Blue October’s ‘Approaching Normal’ is an excellent album!

Although I’ve heard the live version of ‘Weight Of The World’ on the ‘Argue With A Tree’ album, this studio version kicks ass too, especially the begining of the song when sirens from the ambulance etc add ‘feel’ to the words that follows. The other favourite tracks are ‘Dirt Room’ and ‘The End’. Perhaps because they are some of the ‘angry songs’ that are on this album. This sound in this album seems to be a mixture from their earlier tracks like ‘James’ and some feels like those from the newer ‘Foiled’ album. It’s gonna be on my repeat list for days to come.

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