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My first roll of randoms taken last week in Hong Kong. These are taken using my Lomo LC-A+ with a roll of Tungsten 160 film (cross processed). Not my first time trying out tungsten film but the first time the photos look acceptable (to me). The previous roll of T160 film I took in Malaysia some months ago … sucked bad!

Couldn’t find no Instax film inside. Duh! Just props!

A short drizzle didn’t spoil the fun

My favorite double exposure shot

Confrontation. It was amusing seeing how this guy was concentrating on the performance

I swear I was shooting something else and they were blocking me!

… and they came too close! Not my fault! Okay … I was just practicing my ‘shoot from the hip’ technique!

My little boss looks tired after a day of fun

I’ve another roll of film (think it’s a Lomo slide) that’s halfway exposed during the HK trip. Hope I can finish it soon and make a dash for the lab again by this weekend. Burned slightly more than a roll of the Natura 1600 and hope they’ll turn out fine. Too tired to scan ’em tonite though.


  1. nice tungsten roll!!

  2. where’s the malaysia one?

  3. @ymmij : Thanks for recommending me this film. I’ll find time to scan the roll from Malaysia soon 😛

  4. I spot Woody from Toy Story! 😀
    Nice roll, man.

  5. Oh my, those legs. THOSE LEGS!

    Yes, I was born in HK and I always love the girls with boots. Still do!

    Lovely photos, as always 🙂

  6. @Wilfrid : Hahaha! That’s what inspired U2 to write the lines ‘Hey, sexy boots, Get on your boots, yeah’ ? 😀 Thanks.

    @Arifin : Thanks

  7. very nice leh… i like th tungsten color…. even my colleague Han also say the color very nice

  8. @noreen : thanks. Kiss Han for me.

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