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It’s blue blue (damn) blue Monday and I’m updating my blog with some photos from the last two weekends.

Friday was a public holiday and after getting some rest, we decided to bring Fitzand to Sentosa for some fun on the beach. It was drizzling despite the sky being bright, so we thought maybe the rain will stop soon and left for Sentosa around 4pm. Unfortunately the rain got heavier and we ended up in Vivo and decided to grab something to eat while waiting for the rain to stop (if it ever does).

Sausages! Yum! Yum!

Chicken breast cutlets. It was so bloody dry and tough. Duh!

Wifey says that the prawns were delicious. I can’t confirm that because I’m allergic to prawns.

… and of cours the Paulaner beer! If you are wondering why it’s the half litre instead of the giant 1 litre one, it’s because I was planning to continue drinking at the beach bar later (if the rain stops)

Fitzand was enjoying his cup of hot chocolate too …  but he was checking on the weather every few minutes. He kept going ‘Rain! Go away!!!’. Haha.

Finally the rain stoppped around 5pm and after having to gulp down the remaining beer, we rushed to the beach.

Construction work starts …

Then soon came 2 beach bullies. Haha. Jim & Noreen came a bit later because they somehow took the wrong train or were on the wrong direction. Could be just an excuse for going for a quickie somewhere before meeting us. We had some beer and finger food that night for dinner.

Fitzand had lots of fun playing with Noreen and they were chasing each other on the beach like two kids.

Noreen trying to impress Fitzand with her shiny chrome Fisheye2 camera

He was impressed but luckily didn’t ask me for one

Sunday morning … brought Fitzand to Ang Mo Kio park for McDonald’s breakfast and he got to have some fun on the swing nearby. It’s easier now that he is willing to sit in he child seat in the car. I can bring him out to have some fun while his mommy gets to sleep more.

Went down to Takashimaya that night for dinner at Coca Restaurant and did some shopping. Saw this Bouno bread stall at the basement and boy … it does smell really good! So I got my wife to buy a loaf home and almost fainted when I saw the price! S$18.50??!!! They they put some booze in it or what? Ate a slice when we reached home and I was convinced. It’s probably the best bread I’ve eaten my whole life. I love bread and this one is simply awesome! I ain’t no food reviewer nor can I describe things well, but let’s just say it’s something I don’t mind spending the money for. Haha. Nah … I can’t afford to eat a loaf of this everyday. One thing for sure … it is best eaten on its own. Forget about jam or peanut butter … they will spoil the yumminess of the bread.

Fast foward a week and last night … friends suggested having dinner at this Nihon Mura Japanese restaurant in the Revenue House. I didn’t know that there were restaurants in that building! I thought all they have in the building were offices and people who chase after us for income tax. Haha.

Well dinner was great. I had a pint of Kilkenny at Harry’s bar in Novena before dinner and still managed to down a bottle of Yebisu at the Japanese restaurant. I had beef salad and beef udon. Don’t ask me why … I just like eating cows. 😛 Since I’m allergic to seafood (except fish), most of the dishes my wife ordered were for herself and my friends. She said that the lobsters were yummy but again … I won’t know coz’ I can’t eat seafood. Haha.

Here are some snapshots last night …

The strawberry waffle was yummy too. Hmm … I forgot to upload a photo of the desserts! Okay, maybe tonight. I spent the rest of my weekend playing with Fitzand, trying to install OSX on my laptop (shhh! it’s illegal!), thinking of how to mod a couple of cams and also planning a photo project to replace my almost-abandoned Lensbaby Diary one.


  1. can tell the lobster looks delicious… yummy….. cause got ‘mentai’
    ‘heng’ fitzand did not dream of FE at night… whahahah and come telling u the nx morning he want a STICKER FE too….

  2. Income Tax house ? Looks yummy le!….. u got tax rebate.. can la ! 🙂

  3. @norya : What’s ‘mentai’? Hmm. Nevermind. I don’t eat em anyway. Haha. Let’s arrange go dinner n drinks soon.

    @doublechin : Yeah, yummy. I ain’t got no tax rebate. 🙁

  4. if im not wrong… mentai is cod roe…..

  5. Worr, Noreen and Jimmy so lucky. 🙁
    And your beef udon looks bloody nice..

  6. Wow, nice lens cap on the fisheye2 🙂

  7. @arifin : Yeah … it is yummy! Haha.

    @Joe : Agree. Noreen’s very good at decorating her cams & even the lens cap looks cool.

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