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A couple of hours ago, I struggled for some time trying to get my laptop skin installed right. Perhaps I am just too fussy, I ended up removing it and sticking it back … several times! Luckily these stuffs are pretty good and stick well even after you remove it (carefully). Anyway, right after that … despite my fuzzy eyes being pretty tired already … I decided to work on ‘dressing up’ a Diana+ camera. So I picked up the Edelweiss and started working on it using some other leftover laptop skin.

So here it is … after about an hour of work … the LaLaLa Diana F+! Why the name? I am just too tired to think of any other name … so LaLaLa it shall be called.

This is the first time I’m ‘dressing up’ a Diana camera. I did work on one before but that was more of a random ‘just whack’ design I thought of and didn’t take me too much time & effort to get it done.

That’s all for now. Time to go get some sleep ………………………………………..


  1. so cute

  2. hey thee, really nice and sweet touch to you diana, well, is the cover you use both for you diana and laptop made from plastic, because it looks very neat. ahahaha.

  3. really cool !!

  4. awesome!!! boredom does inspire creativity hehe

  5. YAY ! Extremely beautiful !!! Great job !

  6. nice…… simple and clean….

  7. Wow!!!
    that’s is neat and cute…ndroo

  8. wor!

  9. @everyone : Thank you

    @Jamin : I used some leftover laptop skin for this

  10. @ndroo: You made our day! We’re glad that you are satisfied with your SkinWeaver laptop skin… and I love the way you dress up the Diana camera, that’s so creative! Thanks for taking time to share the good news, and we look forward to serving you again. πŸ™‚

  11. wow! cool skin for ya diana!

  12. @TheSkinWeaver Team : Thank you

    @evaeva : Thanks

  13. Ola Ndroo, have been quite some time din visit ur website. Anyway recently tot of buying a Holga or Diana camera and wondering how much it gonna cost? Is tat expensive? Any good recommendation since u r the expertise,,,,

  14. @Sherry Valerie : Glad to see you back here again. For Diana F+ (with flash) … it costs about US$95 (from Lomography store) and a Holga (with flash) will probably cost around US$45. Prices might vary from store to store (though usually not much). I’ve not checked the price at Lomography’s store for the Holga but was told it’s overpriced (compared to the prices elsewhere). If you are in Singapore, you can check out and if you aren’t … do check out and see if they have any of these yummy toys for sale. Recommendation? Ermmm … I love both the Holga and Diana. Hahaha. So my recommendation is to buy both of them. :X

  15. Gracias Ndroo, and i juz checked it out the sg website. Wondering where can i see the real Diana and Holga in sg shop? Both of this brand of camera is it using digital or filem? I would prefer to get a good quality of pic plus it can be digital and manually filem camera. Well, nope an expertise in photography but would luv to know more and slowly adapt to collect a good camera. Figure out tat few hundred bucks can get a camera…which is quite worthy plus affordable for me. If for a beginner who luv to take a nice pic and admire an unique camera which one should i go for Holga or Diana?

  16. @Sherry Valerie : To check out these cameras, you can drop by Ruby in Peninsula Plaza. I am sure they have them on display. Both of them uses film. Not sure what you mean by ‘good quality of pics plus it can be digital and manually filem camera’ … but the Holga & Diana don’t give you good quality photos. Hahaha. Yeah … as a matter of fact, they give you crappy photos, weird photos, fuzzy photos, sometimes blurred photos etc. That’s something every toy cam lovers love! You might wanna check online for some sample photos before deciding if it’s for you. Just search for Diana or Holga in Flickr and you’ll get to see tons of them sample photos.

  17. Great to see ur reply. Erm…a good digital camera and nope too expensive…i want the design something like Holga & Diana lovely look. Any idea for that? Can i hv ur MSN add so that can get in details more efficient…hihi.

  18. @Sherry Valerie : A digital cam that looks that lovely? Errmm … we’ve been waiting for years for that to happen. Muwahahaha. Okay … the coolest so far is the Olympus E-P1. Go Google it and you’ll see more info.

  19. It looks Cool for the Olympus E-P1…produce good quality of pic although nope skillful enough? Digital camera? How much is the price? No wonder Mr.Ndroo always create very artistic personal Diana and Holga camera….Thumbs up!!

  20. @Sherry Valerie : Sorry I can’t answer if the camera will produce good quality pic if not skillful enough. Any camera needs someone behind it to produce good photos. You’ll need to learn more about photography to really make the best out of any cam. Price? It’s like some hundreds over a thousand. You’ve to check with the shops because I don’t own Harvey Norman. πŸ˜›

  21. If not mistaken u bought Olympus E-P1 rite? How much it cost u?

  22. @Sherry Valerie : Thought I replied you in the previous reply? πŸ˜€ Shops should be selling around S$1300+ for the cam & 17mm kit lens. Mine was a pre-order and I got some special deal. Not able to disclose. :X

  23. ohh…tot am able to get any discount…hihi. Olympus E-P1 and Olympus Pen is that a big difference?

  24. @Sherry Valerie : E-P1 is digital and the Pen is a film camera. You tell me the difference. πŸ˜› Well some do call the E-P1 the digital Pen though.

  25. Great and cooler cam….adeus Ndroo!! Appreciate ur help ya!

  26. @Sherry Valerie : No problem at all. Don’t forget to share your photos once you’ve decided and invested in the cam. Go E-P1 go! πŸ˜‰

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