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A roll of Lomo slides fed to my LC-A+ during my recent Hong Kong trip. I’ve been way too lazy to scan them. Haha. I think I might have another roll of negatives from that trip … just gotta go hunt for it in my drawer and scan it.

Weather was a little crazy during that trip. One minute it was gloomy and the next … it was bright like crazy. I wasn’t sure if loading that roll of ISO100 film was a good idea on certain occasions when a higher speed film would have saved the day. Anyway, I fired away like there’s no tomorrow …

It was not long ago when I looked at some of the photos I took and realised that I was losing the ‘lomo’ thingie. They were losing the random “don’t think” feel. After these couple of rolls that I took in Hong Kong … I think I’m getting back the good ol’ feeling again. Yay!


  1. Do you know what type of film it is because I really like the way it looks.

  2. @Neil : It is a roll of the Lomo slides. This is the older batch of Lomo slides, not the new one that gives more yellow/green colors.

  3. the last roll? hehe

  4. @ymmij : Yeah. I think it’s the last roll I have. Maybe I’ll get some Lomo slides 200 to try soon.

  5. Wow … I love this collection. The color is so unique!

  6. @Wilfrid : Thank you

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