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Game Over

Took me quite a while to make this decision to finally give up on my Lensbaby Diary project. Life has got much busier and I can’t afford to continue taking a Lensbaby a photo a day. Lugging my DSLR to work is getting to taxing because I’ll need to carry my notebook bag, a camera bag as well as Fitzand’s school back when I pick him up from childcare. It’s pretty sad that I have to abort this project at least for this year. It was fun for the few months when I was doing it, so I guess I’ll move those photos to my Lensbaby gallery to remind myself of the fun I had.

Still Fuzzy

As some of you might have read, I am working on a camera mod. Details will follow as soon as I get better results from it. I picked up a caliper yesterday and hope that will help me get better results by measuring and ensuring the distance from the lens to the film is correct (or at least close). I’ve already sacrificed two rolls of cheap negatives for the testing and the 2nd roll did yield much more hope. Since tomorrow is a public holiday and I’ll be in Malaysia to attend a friend’s wedding … I think I should be able to spend some time to work on the camera during the long weekend.

The Remaining Ones

These are some of the last photos I have from my recent Hong Kong trip. I have been putting off scanning them for a while until now.

Pocket Money

I was lucky enough to be invited to write a review on a Lensbaby book recently for a pretty decent reward. It didn’t take me too long to write the review and they are now processing the payment. Yipee!!! Pocket money!!! Best thing is … they wrote to me yesterday, asking me to do another one. How I wish I could be paid to do one review a day … so I can quit this job of mine. Hehehe.


Doing another double exposure collaboration with a friend from the US again but I’ve yet to even start a single frame. Hahaha. It’s always big fun doing it but I think I need more than 24 hours a day to catch up.


Weeks ago I had this inspiration to work on a fun photo project but I’ve yet to even start doing it. It will be a ‘collaboration’ between analogue & digital and will probably need some time for me to do some preliminary testing and figuring out how it can be done. I’ll keep it under wraps until I get the first batch out. If I am lucky enough to complete it, maybe I can considering using them for the next LomotionSG exhibition. Haha. I’m dreaming again …

Booked To Snap

Next week I’ll have two photography jobs to do … helping a friend photograph some of her floral arrangement/design work for submission to an international competition thingie. Oh gosh. It’s been ages since I touched my DSLR and I better go dig out the batteries to be charged and perhaps read the user manual again. Hahaha. She’ll panic if she reads this. I am sure this will be way more fun than shooting weddings! Last week I turned down a job to shoot a wedding for a friend eventhough she told me she’ll be paying good money for it. I hate doing wedding photography.

Back Is Back!

… and finally … I’ve just received the replacement Diana Instant Back from Lomography. Yahoooooo!!!

I’ll be leaving for Malaysia tomorrow to attend a friend’s wedding. The Lubitel is packed in my bag with a couple rolls of film and I just hope I have time to at least complete a roll there. Til next week … have a great weekend!


  1. Nice photos! The images of the city at night are great. Thanks for sharing!

  2. @Curtis : Thank you very much

  3. its really sadden me about your Lensbaby a day… well i cant bug u anymore… whahahha

    and i’m not worried about your skill…. hahhaha as a matter of fact…. we still got plenty of time cause the dead line is end os September… whahahha so in case anything wrong still can redo… and retake…

  4. @norya : Oh well … it saddens me too. Haha. But then I guess there are more important things in life that I want to dedicate my time to.

    As for the project of yours … no worries. At most we do it again and again til we get great results. I’m sure you can do great.

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