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Random Lubitel shots … Something I do sometimes when I need to kill time … random shots at random places. These were mostly taken when I was in Malaysia a couple of weeks ago. I’m begining to like the Lubitel 166+ more and more. Unfortunately, apart from a shameless self-portrait, I did not do any double exposure (which I love) this time.

For a while … I thought that those black dots are ‘dust bunnies’ on the photo above. Haha. Maybe I am missing my DSLR and about time to go send it in to get its sensor cleaned. Those black spots are actually birds!


  1. stop using lubitel, use ur BBF!

  2. @ymmij : Hahaha. Can’t you see one of the photos above has a lot of blackbirds flying? It’s a sign! Okay … I’ll try finish a roll on my BBF this weekend 😛

  3. heehe i like the cloud… hehehehhe and the flower… with the matchin background…. nice

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