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Stepping back in time … back to the year 2007 when I wanted to do a series of photos based on a theme and the theme was ‘CRUSHED’. Well if you see these photos … the theme should be ‘CRUMPLED’ instead but I somehow prefer the word ‘CRUSHED’. Hahaha! Don’t ask why.

Anyway … after 3 photos and life got real busy and I somehow conveniently forgot about it until minutes ago when I was cleaning up my hard disk that I found these photos.

I am seriously considering picking up where I left off and perhaps complete a more reasonable series of photos. Hmm … so much I wanna do but so little time. Let me go sleep on it and hopefully wake up with an answer.


  1. very nice…..really very nice.. i think u shud continue…..

  2. @norya : Thank you. I will definitely be finding time to do more of these soon.

  3. why stop.. lol. nice!

  4. @ymmij : So many things I wanna do in so little time. That’s why I stopped. Hahaha. Spent too much time playing with analogue cams and hate spending time in front of the computer with Photoshop … spending time playing with Fitzand … drinking too much beer … where can I find enough time for these? Hahaha.

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