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Minolta PROD 20’s : Test roll

By • Jul 14th, 2008 • Category: Fun with film

One roll that took almost forever … a Samsung 200 Prime Color film loaded in a Minolta PROD 20’s that I bought some time ago. Never got to finish that test roll until yesterday. The Minolta PROD 20’s is a fully auto 35mm leaft shutter AF camera with a 1920s concept design. Despite it being bulk and a pure point and shoot camera (yeah, the only switch on it is to lock the shutter release button), I absolutely love the design and well … the photos turned out pretty decent looking. Oh wait … there’s something I hate about it and it’s the flash on it … you can’t switch it off manually. This means the camera dictates when the flash should triger.

Here are some photos from the test roll. Will finish scanning them tomorrow … it’s way past midnight now and I’ve to get some sleep 🙁

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