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Here are the remaining two rolls from the Diana Multi Pinhole Camera. To be honest … I thought this might be another camera that might be used a couple of times before being left sleeping on the shelf … but I was wrong. I love this camera! It will definitely be one that will be used pretty often but for the next roll … I’m gonna experiment with more stuffs with it and see how much more fun I can squeeze outta it.

A friend asked me if I could indicate which color filter and how many pinholes were used for each shot. Hahaha. I am afraid I can’t. This is because I didn’t really bother planning what I was about to shoot and so I randomly pull out a filter and then set the pinhole mode randomly too. However, from some of the shots … it’s pretty obvious which filter/setting were used.

Being a fan of lousy messy crappy chaotic photos … the Diana MPO is a great fun tool to create them.

These photos were taken using a roll of Afga Optima 100 and a Fujifilm Superia 100. Perhaps I should try using 35mm film the next round and get some sprocket holes exposed as well.


  1. this is too poisonous for me to handle…. arghhh!!!!

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