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It has been quite some months already since my short vacation in Hong Kong and these 7 leftover Instax shots from my Diana Instant Back has been waiting patiently for me to scan and upload them. Yeah … just these 7 shots that I left out when I was scanning the earlier batch. Check out the earlier batch here.

Fitzand wanted this giant panda but we got him a smaller version instead 😛

I swear I wasn’t drunk when I took this one!

I forgot to eject the film and thus this shot of the clowns seems overexposed. Argh!

Looking at these photos, I suddenly thought of a question someone asked me not too long ago. He knew me from those days when I used to shoot only digital and the question was something like ‘Why are you not selecting only the best shots to post in your blog entries?’. My answer to him was simple. I told him the reason why I moved from digital to film photography was because of my love for imperfect and often lousy photos. Hehe. That is why I will scan and upload the photos as long as they are not way under/over exposed until you can’t see anything. I love the fun of shooting using these cameras that I know might (often) give me crappy photos and I am not shy to show the world the kind of photos that I produce … be it okay ones or not. He was convinced. 😀

“Learning to love life by living through loss and mistakes,
lessons learned and gradually surfacing, letting go, striping
naked to scream. I am not perfect nor do I strive to be. I am
alive in this world of face first falls and public breakdowns. I
am retarded disfigured clown dying to be heard for the simple
art of letting this heavy wall finally fall. I am an equal being
of no race or colour, a hallucination if you will sneaking into
the lives of strangers and letting them fall apart to a new
rhythm just to feel better.”

Retarded disfigured clown – Blue October


  1. Hi ndroo, could you possibly tell me what scanner you use?

  2. @Joe : I am using an Epson V500.

  3. Thanks, very much 🙂

  4. @Joe : U r most welcome.

  5. ^5… i cant be too serious when i shoot… it will end up worst than me happily trigger happy…..

  6. @norya : Being serious is a crime!

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