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I could hardly sleep last night. Too excited to go ‘test drive’ my new Olympus E-P1 but today turned out to be another busy day and I had only opportunity to press the trigger randomly to test out the sexy cam. Not sure why some people online says that focusing is a little slow on this camera … I find it very fast! Perhaps they were using the other kit lens and not this 17mm one.

The first one was taken during lunch today. You can see Fitzand’s finger and he was saying ‘Daddy … I don’t want chilli’

The 17mm lens is pretty good! I ain’t good at technical details but I’m happy enough if it can capture the dust in my car. Hehehe. Time for a car wash!

I did mess around with the ‘ART’ mode a little and did some test shots. This one below is with the ‘pinhole’ effect. Nothing very impressive except some ‘vignetting’ feel that’s added to the shot. Give me my Diana pinhole camera anytime instead!

This one is with the ‘Pop Art’ effect. Seems fun for those days when I don’t feel like using Photoshop at all. Gives some pretty wild saturated colors but might not work for some subjects/scenes.

The next one is the most boring of the lot. Ermm … I suddenly forgot what it’s called. Maybe some ‘Soft Effect’ or something. It gives … ermm … a soft looking effect on the photo. Oh … this photo reminds me of one thing. I was so confused that I tried looking for ‘macro mode’ in the menu & buttons! Hahaha! I thought I was using a prosumer/compact where you can easily switch to macro mode and focus real close.

This one below is a mystery. I forgot if I had the ‘Art’ mode on or was it just using the normal settings. Nevermind. Anyway … I don’t really like to use these ‘effects’ on cameras. An exception was when I tested using them in video mode. It works really cool! When using certain effects like the pinhole, the video seems to be ‘jerky’ but the results are way cool. They look like those videos that are done using a series of photos and has some weird and cool feel. I was told that a better SD card (Class 10?) will solve this issue. I am using a Class 4 card that came free with the cam.

Conclusion? I was addicted to this camera because the way it looks (yeah … yeah … I’m so vain!) but now … I’m convinced that it can deliver. Only one thing I hate about it. It kinda turn warm pretty fast. After some (not so long) time, the cammie seems to feel a little warm already. Maybe it needs some ice cold beer like I do.

The menus are a little confusing … maybe because it’s my first time using an Olympus camera. Eh wait … my first camera back in 2003 was also an Olympus! It was an Olympus C5050z prosumer camera. Also, I’m trying to get used to using the ‘thumb wheel’ thingie but so far I quite like how it works. Somehow I don’t really like the ring around the power on/off button on top. It lights up when the camera is on and is very irritating. Maybe it’s for users to be able to find the power button in the dark? If it is so, why not put a light ring on every button? 😀

Still waiting to get a half case and cool strap for this baby. It’s so pretty that I’m so worried of scratching it and it’s the only camera in my dry cabinet now that is wrapped like a mummy. Hehehehe.


  1. Hi there! Thanks for this ‘regular user’ review without too much technical stuff. I’ve been thinking about an E-P1 for myself too.., but we’ll see.

    Didn’t you have an Olympus XA too? Ah, well, the menu on that camera can’t be confusing at all.

  2. @Hans : What’s holding you back from getting this beauty? Hahahaha. I used to own a XA but sold it because I have problem (blame my old fuzzy eyeballs) focusing with the little yellow patch. I do have a XA2 and XA4 with me though. Well the menu on the E-P1 ain’t too confusing. It’s perhaps I’m too used to the one on my Canon. Still … I’m loving it 😀

  3. WAH!!!! So fast…….

  4. Wth!!! I want!!! How much?!!!

  5. @Jer : Oh yeah!

    @cyanwater : Muwahahaha! Poisoned? I’m sure you need one. Will update you on MSN. 😉

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