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What originally planned was to use only the 17mm f2.8 pancake lens on my E-P1 somehow didn’t last long. First I thought why not get an adapter to use the lens on my Pen F camera and later I had the itch to try using my Lensbabies on it. Duh! This means I’ll need two adapters! Ordered a Pen F to M43 adapter from ebay but it has not arrived as I’m typing this but managed to grab a Canon EF to M43 one from a local online camera store (Chiif Cameras). Too bad Chiif Cameras brought in the Pen F one a little too late or I’d be able to save a couple of tens by buying from them instead.

The EF to M43 adapter. Didn’t expect it to be of this thickness but I guess there must be some technical reason why it’s so. It is just slightly thicker than the pancake lens!

The Lensbaby Composer mounted on the E-P1 with the adapter

I was only free to try out the setup about an hour ago. Yeah … another very busy evening and I was on the verge of collapse when I did these tests. Anyway .. here are 2 test shots …

The multi exposure feature on the E-P1 that I thought I’ll never ever use … now has some meaning/use to me. I can use it when playing with the Lensbabies for some crazy cool doubles (and I’m just too lazy to do these layers stuff in Photoshop).

I do enjoy using the Lensbabies on the E-P1 lots. Now all I need is time to go play with them outdoors. Oh, since I was doing these tests, I decided to switch the E-P1 to video mode and mess around with the pinhole ‘art filter’ in it. As I mentioned before, I love the weird jerky effect and now paired with the Lensbaby and deliberately screwing up the white balance … the video mode is big fun! The white balance now makes it look a little like cross processed colors eh? 😀

I did try mounting my Tokina 10-17 fisheye on it and took few random shots and I realise the problem with using it is because the non-availability of the aperture ring. This means I can only use the lens wide open. Hmmm. Some test shots during the coming weekend might help. The other lens I tried was a Nikon mount Carl Zeiss Planer 50mm f1.4 that I mounted on the E-P1 using a Nikon to EF adapter plus the EF to M43 adapter. With this lens … there was no problem of changing apertures because there is an apeture ring on it. Yay!

Will have to go read the manual to figure out how to use the manual focus assist (magnify!) screen during manual focus before I do more test shots.

No regrets investing in this adapter although I can foresee myself using only the Lensbabies on my E-P1 with it but at least if I am going travelling with my E-P1, I can throw the Tokina fisheye for some extra fun.

Okay … that’s all for now. I’ve been sleeping at around 2am for the last few nights and I should go try sleep earlier tonight. Oh wait! It’s almost 2am again! Arghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. this thing will give u lots of fun for a long time… and can save all the film yeah… and your scanning time… LOL

  2. sound like fun, and best part like no need to buy old film

  3. WAH!!!!! I am going ga-ga crazy after reading this blog entry. DEADLY POISON!!!!!!!

  4. @norya : It definitely will give me tons of new fun but I will still be loving film. 😀

    @peter : I might have to save a bit on film after spending $ on this baby.

    @Jer : Calm down. Relax. Now … BUY!

  5. waaa.. video with lensbaby!!!

  6. @ymmij : Yeah … it’s real fun. This means I can forget about the digital Harezumi (how on earth do you spell it?) for now.

  7. Wow, you sure like your holgas:)

  8. Aaaah,
    last comment i was multi tasking,
    forgive me.
    I meant Dianas:D

  9. @Joe : Yeah I do love Dianas lots. It’s okay to call a camera the wrong name but do be careful with girlfriend/wife. 😀 They won’t take multi tasking as an excuse. 😉

  10. cool you got the eos mount>?
    i am getting my nikon mount soon..
    i am thinking of plying the lens baby with nikon.. do you think i can do somehint like tilt shift..

  11. @mijonju : Yeah mine are all EOS mount. Quick go grab a Lensbaby and the fun will begin. The Lensbabies don’t really get you tilt shift effect although sometimes under certain circumstances the results do look a little similar.

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