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A friend who is pretty mad about diving once told me that he has to pay like pretty lots of money to go diving at some exotic spots just to see sharks and stuffs. He showed me some awesome photos from underwater and I went ‘WOW!’. That’s as far as my interest in these marine stuffs goes. I am the type who prefer my (gold bubbly) liquid inside me instead of them surrounding me.

Anyway, I had too much beer last weekend and ended up signing up for a diving course and joined this pretty fun diving trip. These photos below are also probably the only ‘underwater’ photos I’ll ever get to photograph. Don’t laugh! Hahaha!

Whoa!!! Sharks!!! I was afraid! Very afraid!

… and the cuter stuffs …

Okay … I know all of you must be shaking your heads and laughing at me now. These were actually taken last Friday when I was in Sentosa with my family. We brought Fitzand to the Underwater World there to check out the fishes and stuffs (he wasn’t very interested!) before heading to the dolphin show. I’ll write a little about the trip in the next entry.

We went to the Underwater World on Friday … hoping that there won’t be too big a crowd there. The crowd was okay that day but … but !!!! … there were tons of super bloody hell noisy tourist there! No … not the same ‘species’  of tourist that drove us nuts during out Hong Kong trip. These people were practically shouting at each other like nobody’s business! So can you imagine the hell we had to go through when we were in the underwater tunnel? We had to ‘seek refuge’ at some corner and wait ’til they were further away before we continued our walk. Duh!

Since I can’t appreciate these marine life stuffs, I decided to transform some of the photos into ermmm … ‘art’? 😀

The ‘Rusty Jelly‘ series …

The Carbon Jelly series …

I love the ‘Carbon Jelly’ ones and maybe I’ll go get them printed and framed soon. 😀


  1. your rusty jelly look antic and burn.. i like the carbon.. inspire me to do some charcoal drawing.. haizzz…. been a while since i really go draw something serious…

  2. rusty jelly looks like mushroom :p

  3. Wow….stunning photos!!!! Looks like paintings….

  4. Hahah!!
    I somehow managed to guess that it was the Underwater World after seeing the first pic~

  5. What cams did you use huh?

  6. @norya : Thanks. Quick go do some drawing for me to see!

    @M : Made u feel hungry? Mushroom soup?

    @Jer : Thanks

    @Cudas : I am sure an expert like you can see that it’s not ‘real’. Haha. You dive, don’t you?

    @Jer : I used the E-P1. Wished I had my 40D with me instead.

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