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Came across this weird looking camera called ‘Goldeneye’ in some online store and thought some of you might be interested to know (or buy?) it. Hardly can find much info about it online though. I guess it’s one of those plastic cameras that looks pretty cute (like the Golden Half) but this is not a half frame camera. From images, it looks pretty sleek with the gold & white theme eh?

The gold colored front ‘cover’ seems to flip open to reveal a flash and some cool looking ‘dials’ inside. Pretty cute idea but I wonder how the flipping flash/cover can stand regular usage. The ‘dials’ inside seems to be just some ‘deco’ stuffs with a speedometer looking one right in the middle. If my eyes ain’t that fuzzy … I think the one near the flash says ‘rpm’. Right?

From some online specifications, this camera has a 31mm lens, shoots at 1/125s, no mention of aperture and focuses from 1m to infinity. It operates on AA batteries which I guess is for the flash.

Haven’t seen any sample photos from this camera but online info says it takes ‘black corner’ photos. Huh? Must be something like that the Holga 135BC does … pretty fake vignetting eh?

Saw some local spree selling it for S$150. Expensive?

Would you buy one of these?


  1. The image looks like a concept design instead of the real thing. Do you have the link to share?

  2. $150 is too much for a fake holga 35 – but love the impractical design and mysterious race car markings. I’d buy it for, um, $40.

  3. @Patrick : It’s the real thing. A local seller is conducting a sales spree for it. I was told that it is available at some online store in China. I’ll try check with my friend for the link.

    @Erik : Agree. $150 is a litte to expensive eh? 😀 I’d buy it for $50. 😀

  4. @Patrick : Ok … got it. Jim from told me that it is available at … you’ve got to go check it out yourself because I can’t read Chinese. 😀

  5. it seems only available in china at the moment. though, at it’s price, we’re thinking twice about bringing it in to our stores. estimated is around SGD100++.

  6. i saw this camera on sale… i dont like it at all.. but anyway.. some people might.. aliba~~…

  7. Looks cute to me. I’d love to have one.

  8. @ymmij : Yeah … for the price … don’t think it’s gonna move well … unless it produces some really cool results.

    @mjonju : They have this in Japan already?

    @Lo : Cute yeah … too bad the price ain’t cute.

  9. I’m saving for the new digital PEN. Next year, it’s on my list. I can’t buy it this year.

  10. @Lo : I’m sure there will be a new PEN out in the near future. 😉

  11. Just found this while I was googling the camera trying to find info on it… needless to say I gave into temptation and bought one… I will email some pics when it comes in. Why is it whenever I read your blog I end up with less money then when I started?! Hope all is well, Cheers– NIC

  12. @Nic : Cool! Can’t wait to see sample images and a review from you.

  13. Put some pics up from the cam on the blog… mine seems to have arrived damaged, and leaks pretty badly. We’re going to take it apart and see if we can fix the issue….

  14. @Nic : Cool. Will check out your blog about this. Bad light leak? Gosh. It shouldn’t be too hard to get it fixed I guess. Thanks for the update.

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