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Monday is here again. Duh! Dah! Damn! What I wanted to do the last two days (weekend!) …

1. Finish shooting 2 rolls of double exposures

2. Finish going through all the photos of Fitzand that I took in Sentosa

3. Clear my big time messy desk in my study room

4. Change the tags/info of some albums in my iPod Touch. Not sure what on earth happened and some of the albums’ artist name turned to ‘Various Artist’.

What I managed to do … NOTHING! I didn’t do any of those things above! Hahaha. Was too busy playing with Fitzand that I only managed to shoot 1 roll of the double exposures … but only the first exposure. Argh! I need to find more time to do everything that I wanna do in life!

Out shopping with my family yesterday and bought Fitzand this cute little SIGG bottle. He loves it lots and when we got back home … he was happily drinking from it that maybe he drank too much water til his tummy was rounder and bigger than mine. Hehehe.

The ‘Safari Fun’ SIGG bottle. No I didn’t buy three of them. This photo is made up of 3 separate shots to show the 3 different animals on it. Fitzand woke up from his afternoon nap and immediately told me ‘Daddy … my animal bottle~’ … asking for his bottle of water. LOL!

His fascination with zebras, giraffes etc continues (thanks to Madagascar!). Fitzand got his shirt wet after accidentally spilling some orange juice at the mall. His mommy was on her ‘free and easy’ shopping spree and instead of hunting her down to get a spare shirt from her bag … I decided to just pop in a shop to get him a tee instead. We found this shop that has this cute giraffe tee and Fitzand was really happy. I probably looked like a electrocuted giraffe when I made the payment for it. The sales girl told me ‘after discount … that will be S$40.50’. What? That little tee costs that much??!!! Anyway I just paid for it since Fitzand loves it that much and was really glad he didn’t say ‘yes’ when I asked him if he wanted the other one with a zebra printed on it. Phew!

Fitzand’s new stunt when I try take photos of him. Shoot my ass!

I only had time to go through few of his photos taken in Sentosa. I took maybe around 100 shots and a couple of short videos of him.

… and a couple of short video clips that I risked my baby E-P1 by bringing it to the pool. I had to hold the camera up with one hand all the time and felt like a fat Statue Of Liberty in the water.


  1. LOL statue of liberty in the water. That would be a shot to behold.

  2. Haha…I totally understand your fear when you are holding the camera in the pool.

  3. @Rachel : Too bad we had only one camera with us. Phew! It will be embarassing to see the big fat statue!

    @Jer : Oh yeah. I had to be on full alert all the time in case Fitzand splashes me with water.

  4. at least u did something yeah… whahhaaha

  5. @norya : Hahaha. Yeah. At least I had lots of fun with Fitzand. Now feel mega tired @ work though. 🙁

  6. I think Fitzand’s tummy is really becoming bigger and rounder than yours already..
    But it’s cute~!!

  7. @Candy : Hahahahhaha! Yeah!

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