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The Aryca Actionsampler camera is one of those what I expect to use perhaps less than 5 times a year. Loaded it with a roll of 400 film before my recent trip to Sentosa and ended up having to fill it with some other random shots to finish it before finally sending it to the lab today. I prefer this Actionsampler over the one from Lomography because of the few other shooting modes (eg. 4 identical, 4 separate shots) and thought maybe I should use of more often and just bring it out without any other camera. I always end up shooting with the several cameras I bring out and the Actionsampler rolls always take ages to complete.

I think I accidentally broke one of the plastic thingie on the battery cover door. Now it pops open very easily. Argh! It’s time to let gaffer tape come to the rescue.

These were taken using a roll of expired Kodak 400UC. I love this film for it’s wild hot red/orange colours but I think it ain’t that suitable for portraits. I recently heard that this film is no longer available in Japan too. How true? I don’t know but I wish I have more of them in my fridge. 🙁


  1. FIRST! 😀 haha great did you see the tutorial on making gifs with pop9 camera?

  2. the one here

  3. hoho. u didnt use the underwater casing!

  4. @mjonju : Yeah I’ve seen the tutorial. I should go get a Pop9 to try doing those videos. Hahaha.

    @ymmij : Nope. 🙁 I forgot to bring the casing along. Argh!!!!

  5. hi there! may i know where to gt gaffer tape in singapore and how much it cost?

  6. @passerby : You can check out Clubsnap’s buy/sell section. There are usually some guys bringing these gaffer tapes in.

  7. hi what is the usual cost?

  8. @passerby : Sorry I can’t remember exactly how much they are but it should be around S$20+ per roll.

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