By • Aug 3rd, 2008 • Category: Fun with film

It was a purchase I made some time ago, and I’ve had doubts if I’ll like using the camera. This first roll took me quite a while to finish (you can see some are from my trip to Malaysia months ago) and I’ve gotten pretty comfortable at using it. I had a blank frame and a couple of over & under exposed shots though. Guess I’ll pay more attention and use the light meter the next time.

I still don’t really get the hang of using a foldable camera, as I’ve always be popping off the lens cap and firing the shot instead of pressing a button, and ‘unfolding’ the camera to shoot. Maybe I’ll get used to it someday.


  1. wor.. another camera!!

  2. Jim, it has been sleeping in my bag for a long long time 😛 When is my Dreaming arriving??!!!

  3. ok i like that sunset…hahaha

  4. […] camera I have is an old Voigtlander Perkeo II which I have only used once since I bought it (photos here) because I suck at gauging exposures (thus the need of a meter when I was looking for a replacement […]

  5. No you can’t gauge exposure…but you sure can gauge a cool photo. Nice work.

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