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Woke up this morning and was greeted by a SMS from Jimmy (of telling me that I’ve won a POP9 camera in the Lomography + Jones Soda Competition – Pop 09 contest (week 3)! Yay!!! I’ve always wanted to own one of these cameras but somehow I managed to put off buying it for years already. Someone once gave me a ‘almost-dead’ one and I ‘dressed it up’ (check it out here) but too bad the flash is spoilt and the cover comes apart too easily.

I must thank Jimmy for bugging me to submit the photos for this competition. Hahaha. I’m a lazy bugger and he’s always bugging me to try entering some of these competitions … and I think his bugging has some magic in it! The last time he bugged me to do so … I won myself a custom Diana F+ camera in the Colette – Lomography competition! This time, one of his photo was also in the runner up list and he has a POP9 cammie on the way to his home too. Congrats, Jim!

This shameless self-portrait was my winning entry 😀

There were actually 3 different rounds of competition but I only managed to submit some photos for the 2nd and 3rd. Being a lazy bum, I didn’t really read the details and stupidly submitted photos that were completely not relevant to the 2nd theme but luckily there was a 3rd one to try my luck at. Phew!

Late noon I went for a short walk … trying to finish 2 rolls of film that I prepared for a double exposure recently. I wanted to do a double exposure with some of my favourite stars! Hahaha! Nah. I can’t possibly get Justin Furstenfeld from Blue October to do a doubles collaboration, but I used artwork and photos from some CD sleeves as the first exposure and then randomly fired some shots to settle the 2nd exposure.

There were some hiccups today (with using my SLR) and some of those shots are now in the recycle bin. It all started when I realised that my good old EOS88 was giving me shutter speeds like 1/1500 when the lighting was pretty bad. I had ISO64 film and was shooting around f2.8 … and I was pretty sure it was impossible to achieve such high speed in that lighting. I had my ISO set at 100 to prevent the 2nd exposure from over-exposing … but since the metering seemed a little crazy … I set the ISO back to 64 after few shots.

Strange but true … the photos turned out pretty okay (I mean the exposures) except for some which the first exposure was totally not visible … maybe after I set the ISO back to 64. Duh! Nevemind. Anyway I kinda like some of the shots from these 2 rolls. One of the roll was taken using my Lensbaby Composer and the other with my Carl Zeiss 50mm f1.4 lens.

I smiled a little when I saw how this shot below turned out pretty well ‘aligned’ 😀

… and these were taken with the Composer (I actually prefer the results from this roll better)


  1. haha.. it’s nice wat! still say not nice!

    congrats on pop9! hehehe

  2. y u and jimmy like to say the pic not nice not nice… infact all turn out nice… whahahah u 2 gila

  3. @ymmij : I was actually darned worried when I collected the roll. It was when I met you before the beer session that I pulled out the negatives and realised that the exposures seemed okay. Too bad some were screwed by the 2nd exposure. Too bad I couldn’t stay too long for more beer. Let’s do it again someday soon. 😀

    @norya : I’m not sure about Jim but maybe I expect better results from myself everytime. Hahaha.

  4. WoW! Very cool shot! Pretty good!

  5. These doubles are great ndroo. When you shot the CD sleeves you were using a SLR 50mm?

  6. wow. awesomeness. i took part too. guess you took the cake. nice picture!!

  7. @doublechin : Thanks

    @Patrick : Thank you. I was using an old Nikon macro lens that was mounted on my EOS88 using an adapter.

    @solace : Thanks

  8. I love love love your work! I’ve just purchased a Lomo camera with an extra lens (wide angle) and some other extras too. I love the kinds of photos that are produced by those kinds of cameras and it’s about time I took some for myself. Your site is now bookmarked and I will visit it often.

    I also love Blue October!

  9. @Lo : Thanks. Glad you like these. Which Lomo camera did you buy? It’s cool to know another Blue October fan! Yay!

  10. I bought the Lomo LC-A+ RL. I considered ALL the other cool cameras but decided that even for the higher price (eek) I would have an easier time with 35 mm film developing, so that’s the one I went with. I bought the wide angle lens, a Splitzer, and it also came with the colorsplash flash.

    Blue October is awesome! Have you seen their DVD concert Argue With a Tree? That’s what really got me hooked!

  11. @Lo : Oh I have the RL version as well. Great choice! 😉

  12. @Lo : I have the Argue With A Tree CDs but not the DVD. I didn’t know they have a CD+DVD set when I ordered from Amazon. Duh! I’ll probably buy the DVD during my next online order.

  13. My camera should be here Friday!! I’m so excited!

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