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Following a recent ‘pizza making‘ experience … Fitzand asked us for some play dough last night and this morning … we decided to DIY some for him instead as the toy stores were not open yet. It all started with some good clean fun and later evolved into some snow storm in my kitchen …

The “I am gonna do something naughty” look … *sweats*

Zooooom! Up goes the dough …

This is when the big time fun chaos started. He started throwing the dough real high!

Poof! The dough landed on his head. A little too slow to capture the action (notice the missing dough). Maybe I’ll try using a wide lens the next time.

Hahaha! He closed his eyes anticipating the dough to land on his head again. Too bad I was too near and couldn’t capture the falling dough.

“Add some water and you’ll get more dough …”

“If only these are ice cream!”

Making animal pizza?

Mr. Tiger was made to eat the dough as food tester …

Even Mr. Elephant was not spared …

The first chunk of dough got stuck on top of the fridge and then he got this cool (??!!) idea to try throwing the rest up there too. Duh!

At the end of the extremely messy play dough fun session, he was assigned to ‘shower’ his animal ‘friends’ and table … while I was responsible to ensure not a bit of dough is stuck in his hair/fingers/nostrils etc.

My camera almost met its doom when Fitzand suddenly turned my direction and pointed the shower head at me. Thank God I’m usually pretty fast with my response and managed to avoid it. Phew!

It was big fun and I’m sure we’ll do it again soon. 😀


  1. wonderful capture

  2. lol…. its sure fun to be your son!!! if i was once caught playing something like this milo with cereal with all my cousin… and we were playing in the toilet!!! guess what.. aunt came back from work and all of us got cane ‘jalak jalak’….

  3. I have been wondering for a long time how you achieve these… in terms of exposure..the lens.. and flash.. the lighting is so even.. You’ve got a nice kitchen!

  4. @peter : Thank you

    @norya : You can be my daughter if you buy me beer 7 days a week. Hahaha. Seriously … maybe you & your cousins got whacked because you guys were playing with food! Milo & cereal!!! Not to say that the dough Fitzand ain’t food but it costs just a few cents for a big bag of flour. Hahaha. If I were your aunt … I’ll probably beat the hell outta you guys too. 😛

    @evershine : Thanks. The lighting ain’t too complex. He was playing in the kitchen and I made sure he was facing the window direction. The window (on the side) provided me some nice lighting and I use bounced flash to fill in to get a more decent result. I am using the Sigma 30mm f1.4 lens (my only lens for photographing Fitzand) and was shooting at f1.8 to f2.8 all the time.

  5. You are so cool about the mess!

    How about mural painting next? I did a real nice one for my neighbour one time. Dunno why, the dumbos didn’t much appreciate it. Dad had to repaint the whole wall for ’em =P

  6. Lol…. yah…. milo with cereal…. damn fun!!!!! splat it all over the toilet!!! yummy toilet!!!!

  7. @Trish : Mural? I’ll definitely let him do that someday. Hahaha. As for your neighbour, maybe the dad is a boring square.

    @norya : Hahaha. Come to think of it … it should be pretty hell fun in there. *SPLAT!*

  8. Gosh…the cleaning up must be hardcore!!! But it is a nice moment… 🙂

  9. @Jer : It actually ain’t that difficult to clean up. Just make sure the floor ain’t wet and then use those Magic Clean thingie and mop the floor. As long as the flour that’s all over is dry … cleaning takes less than 5 minutes.

  10. These are such great photos! It will be neat for him to grow up one day and be able to see that his dad took a lot of nice pictures. Great job!

  11. Hey ndroo, thank you very much for the details… now i know what to get in future…

  12. @evershine : You are most welcome.

  13. @tylercorc : Thank you. Hope he likes the photos though. Haha.

  14. funtastic moment! i love the moment, i love his laughs, i love the pics….hahaha

    well done!

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