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Trying hard to stay sober (reason available somewhere at the end of this entry) and post this usual Sunday night’s ‘weekend summary’. There are quite a lot of photos in this entry … I know … but I just didn’t know what to do with the photos I took. Hahaha!

We were supposed to join some friends on a visit to the Science Center but changed plan last minute. So early morning we brought Fitzand on train ride to Orchard Rd. for breakfast and of course some shopping later.

We were very hungry but Fitzand insists on having some fun first …

Fitzand wanted some donuts when he saw Dunkin’ Donuts, so we picked up some for him (and ourselves). It has been ages since I’ve eaten donuts from them (the last time probably over 10 years ago while I was working in Malaysia) and I must say we were disappointed. Maybe we picked the wrong flavours … or maybe we are too used to the nicer Donut Factory or JCO ones. Anyway … see what happened to the donuts …

Hahahaha! Yeah … we took some bites and decided to abandon them. Even Fitzand (the donut maniac) rejected them! Let’s see that he thinks of these donuts …

“It sucks!”

Okay … so that’s probably the last time we are going to buy from them. We proceed to breakfast proper and Fitzand was pretty hungry already. While waiting for the bread to arrive … he couldn’t resist taking some licks of the jam and butter …

“Why is my breakfast taking so long to arrive?”

“Yums for my tum!”

… and the bread finally arrived!

After some shopping, Fitzand wanted ice cream and so we decided to get him some chocolate crepes with banana and dark chocolate …

Fitzand wiped out the ice cream … most of the banana and left us the chocolate crepes. Duh! Here he is with his brain-freeze expression after the first spoonful of ice cream … hahahaha ….

Errmmm … of course daddy ain’t gonna be left without his own version of brain-freezing liquid. Hehehe. This is the first time I’m trying Vollmond Beer. It is stated that this beer is only brewed on full moon nights …. ermm … really??? It was awesome! I’d love to stock up on this beer if I can find it on the supermarket shelves.

These are Fitzand’s latest addition to his already-enough-to-start-a-zoo animal toys …

These looks interesting, so I couldn’t resist taking some random shots. They are part of the newly opened ION Orchard (more info here).

Had the posse over for some loud music, whiskey and Taiwanese-style fried chicken. Picked up this Foo Fighters DVD this afternoon on my way back from Orchard Rd. It’s always big fun with the right people, right drinks and right food. Hahaha!

… even Fitzand joined in the fun (without the whiskey of course!)

Dave Grohl’s newest fan

I love this DVD especially when Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones joins them on stage for some rocking good times!

I’ll end this entry with a darn funny spam comment I received today. There are always tons of bloody spam comments flooding my blog but luckily Askimet does quite a good job at filtering them. Here is the one that got me laughing …


visit my blog: http://abraexchen[dot]wordpress[dot]com
no spam!!!! if you report my blog at wordpress, you will die!!!!

visit us!!!!

Hahaha! I didn’t bother to really check out the URL but if I do have the time … I’d definitely go try reporting his blog and see if I’ll die. What an idiot!


  1. the last spam wins!!!! lol

  2. @norya : Oh yeah … that one is a classic. Hahaha!

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