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It’s official! What we saw and discussed about was exactly the Diana Mini that Lomography has just announced!

The Diana Mini has big shoes to fill being the little sister of the classic beauty Diana F+. Luckily the β€œMini” was born a star in her own right. Super sweet, the Diana Mini has got plenty of style and features to the nines. With the flick of a little switch you can move from the retro square format to the amazing Half-Frame, giving you the ability to Shoot Forever, packing 72 shots onto one 35mm film! Her handy-dandy size and limitless creative potential is a revolution in analogue photography.

Will I be getting one of these? Definitely. But not now. The temptation is not strong enough to make me rush into clicking the BUY NOW button. Wait ’til I see my credit card bill this month before making further plans. Hahaha!

The original post …

While Lomography’s website has been getting people to guess a mystery product which is supposed to be announced this coming Wednesday, many has been guessing that it’s a mini Diana camera that uses 35mm film and some even expected it to be a half frame camera.

Not sure how accurate this information I found online is (but it looks pretty damn correct) … the said mystery product is supposed to be a Diana Mini camera. It is said to be using 35mm film and supports both half frame as well as square format on 35mm film.

The camera certainly doesn’t look mini in this photo but I’m very sure it will be really small in real life. Let’s wait another day or two before seeing more photos of it. πŸ˜€ I won’t be ordering it so soon … maybe later on when I have something else to buy from them, I’ll add this cutie to to my Diana family … maybe just for the cute factor. I’m sure I won’t be buying other color variations of it (if they ever start another neverending-clone-editions stunt) because I still prefer the original Diana design better (and I don’t have that much money to spare).


  1. I’m in for one. Looks fun!

  2. We all know you would buy it. And there goes the college fund for your son…

  3. Where did you find this information? I have been looking all over for more clues on what the new camera is going to be.

  4. @tylercorc : Hahahaha! I stumbled upon this URL in the Lomography website’s conversation section. Someone must have leaked the info?

    @alex : Ermmm … arghhh!!!!!

  5. cool! haha im pretty sure they will pull the color clone stunt.
    haha but i wont get it anytime soon.. i just invested on my
    diana F+ instant back..

  6. @mijonju : Now I wonder who on earth will buy the 35mm back from them. Hmmm. Hahaha.


  8. @mijonju : Hey that’s a very cute combo!

  9. i’m sure it’s real!! you can even pre-order it on their web! πŸ˜€

  10. @ymmij : Hahaha! I am not sure if it is real. We never know what Photoshop can do nowdays. But taking pre-order for it … hmmm …. makes it sound kinda real. Let’s be patient and wait a couple of days for the official news.

  11. haha.. yeh. well, if it’s real, i’m sure lomo will probably announce it very soon.

  12. BUY!!!

  13. @cyanwater : Can you be the first to order one and let us grope? Grope the cam of course! πŸ˜›

  14. see… more cams and less money. oh no.

  15. Bought mine this morning!

  16. @tylercorc : Congrats! Man that’s fast! Hahaha.

  17. Oh yeah. I had some piggies. So it dropped it down in price a little. Plus the wifey really wanted one and I can’t say “no” to her if she wants to help support my camera habit.

  18. @tylercorc : That’s reason enough to grab it. Haha. I have not much piggies and thought maybe I’ll hold back my purchase (of this baby) for a while. Who knows a friend bought an extra unit in order to get free shipping and I’ll be buying the extra unit from her! Hahaha! Yay!

  19. and I have one on hand now:

  20. @Patrick : Lucky you! I’m still waiting for mine to arrive. So how do you find the Mini?

  21. yet to find out ndroo, at least it feels great to have such compact and solid camera.

  22. ahh another camera to add to my never-ending wishlist of gadgets! crazy πŸ˜€

  23. @Patrick : I just collected mine an hour ago. This little bugger is CUTE! Hahaha. Really compact. Not sure how solid the shutter mechanism is though.

    @sheryo : The list will go on … and on … and on …

  24. wahaha. this seems like a winner. beats my goldenhalf hands down and pants down.
    drools at it yet again. time can heal all wounds even those inflicted on your wallet.
    will get it soon. πŸ˜€

  25. @solace : Congrats!

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