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This roll has been sitting in my LC-A+ for quite a while now, and finally I’ve completed it and got it scanned. It is a roll of ISO64 slides that has been expired many years ago. The colors turned out pretty weird and random as you can probably see. As I was scanning these, some ‘evil being’ came along (on MSN messenger) and showed me some of his newly shot photos using some XYZ slides (we’ll talk about that some other day) cross-processed and the results were awesome! That made me kinda lose interest to continue scanning this roll of mine. Hahaha. So to keep me sane, I ordered some of that film from him, got him to go away and finished scanning these. 😀

Now that I’ve scanned these … I think I kinda like how some of these turned out with some weird colors. Really. Maybe it’s just that I’m a sucker for screwed up looking photos.

My resident ‘model’

These are not Elmo’s sperm! They are some cool jelly fishes that I saw at the Underwater World in Sentosa

Unfortunately quite many shots were screwed up. Underexposed. 🙁

Can’t wait for the weekend to come soon. I wanna go finish another roll on the Diana Mini and also eager to see all the submissions for the 36 Frames challenge. A few more days to go before the deadline. Anyone submitting photos tonight?


  1. lovely! haha elmo’s sperm

  2. spotted my calender leh.. i quit like it thou the colour look like those old school picture i see from my mums drawer…. whahahha and ya elmo sperm looks really great…

  3. time to get new films!

  4. @mijonju : Thanks. Hahaha. I’m gonna start shooting the roll you sent me, and send you my roll soon. Hopefully this weekend.

    @norya : Ya … that’s the calendar in Pollen. Hahaha. Thanks.

    @ymmij : Yeah. Sure. 20 rolls of that yummy slides!

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