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* HD Video = Horrible Definition

Few days after my white Digital Harinezumi arrived … I decided to wake up super early this morning before the sunrise to try video the scene outside my window. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t that good and the morning sun was as weak as I am after 3 litres of beer. Anyway … for the record … here it is …

I used editing software to speed up the video or else you’ll have to sit and watch around 20 minutes of boring videos. Hahaha! Okay … it’s still boring anyway. I kinda like how the weird ‘wavy’ effect on the sky when it’s starting to brighten up. Hahaha.

Let me find some time to put some ideas I have into work and make a more ‘proper’ video soon.

So do I like the Harinezumi? Hmm … I love the video mode but not very sure (yet) about the still photo mode. As this newer batch comes with the 1.15 firmware, the hidden tweak to adjust colors is gone. Worse is that I find some greenish patch in the middle of some photos, especially when the subjects are of white-ish color. Not sure if it’s because if the lighting (I tested it indoors) but I’ll post some photos when I have time to take more pics.

The one BIG complain I have about this cutie cam is the lack of an USB port. This means I’ll have to remove the super tiny microSD card everytime I wanna copy the photos/videos out. The card is inserted into that little slot beside the battery compartment and that makes it almost impossible to pull out with my fat fingers. Argh! So I made use of the spring below the card compartment to make the card ‘jump’ out but a few times … the darn card went flying pretty far. I’ll have to keep my windows closed before ‘ejecting’ the card.


  1. hahah!

  2. @mijonju : I’m counting on you to find out the hack to make the 1.15 FW be able to set to black & white 😀

  3. the white harinezumi is really a cutey. cant wait to see some awesome harinezumi videos from you!

  4. @sumlom : Yeah. Real cute. I’ll have to find time to go make some videos this weekend. Hahaha. Found an old small Sony ring light (constant) and trying to adapt it to the Harinezumi so I can take some indoor video of Fitzand’s toys. 😀

  5. I got one! the black one! and it’s awesome!!! LOVE IT!!!
    and Im working on the video too 🙂

  6. @wey : Cool. Don’t forget to share with us your videos.

  7. LOL. HD = Horrible Definition. That was rather funny it got me laughing.

  8. @Rachel : With the number of new cameras having the ‘HD Video’ as a ‘feature’ … I need to make sure the Harinezumi has the ‘HD Video’ label too. 😀

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