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***K!!! Well … well … well … look what the cat dragged in! You can decide for yourselves what the *** stands for in this entry’s title but to me … it is …

“***K!!! Lomography launched a ***K Diana F+ camera? ***K!!!”

After a (not too) short ‘break’ from the massive attack of the Diana F+ clones/versions, I thought the next one will be one of those Diana World Tour edition camera. Strange enough they didn’t have a World Tour edition for the recent China stop. Maybe this candy-c0lored CMYK version was designed by some smart-ass for the China edition but the idea was later shelved as it looks more like some color scheme for a circus door-gift. 😀

I wouldn’t say it’s ugly because I’m a sucker for crazy colored stuffs but the colors seem to be pretty close to the colorful Holga (see next pic) and there seem not much originality in it.

Should I add the CMYK Diana F+ to my Diana F+ family? Hmm. I have 70 piggies (US$ credit) in their store and there is a S$8 off shipping now. Hmm. Should I? Oh ***K!!!!


  1. ya ill fill those ** in for you and you fill my * so here i go

    hahaha ridiculous

  2. Gosh! CMYK!!!! What is next? RGB, B&W, Pantone series……spinoff as usual!

  3. geez… i seriously dun like this edition. firstly, why ‘copy’ the Holga!?

    secondly, i’ve always preferred diana to be more ‘classy’ .. but this…

    though i like the pink flash. 😀

  4. Hahaha. I was wondering why don’t they name this CANDY … or maybe CLOWN. Would be better than a boring name like CMYK right?

    @ymmij : I’ll go try dress up a classy Diana and sell it to you okay? 😀

  5. I just realized one thing. Why didn’t they make the strap … maybe pink or something? Why black? They did use a floro green strap for the Hong Meow edition … why use black on this colorful one? Hmmm.

  6. I love the pink flash too. Strap is black because they want to save cost. After all, k = black and it goes with the black lens.

  7. @cyanwater : They should have paired this pink flash with the Mr Pink edition eh?

  8. I WANT the pink flash.. sobs.. I’m so dead. Am joining the foolish silly group where one Diana is never enough.

  9. as colourful as a dope cap.super pretty lah!!

  10. @ndroo no wonder it looks familiar… i prefer diana though cause the flash is pink. let’s just say i am a sucker for all things colourful too. but hmmm… holga ftw!!

  11. the first thing when i saw this blog entry is. LOOK LIKE HOLGA. i know that should be first comment. but i forgot to include the reaction in. there you go reaction include* to first like of comment 10 😀

  12. @irorus : Hahahaha! You are pretty dead now! “Am joining the foolish silly group where one Diana is never enough” … Ahem!!!!

    @Ben : Oooh yeah!

    @solace : Welcome to the sucker club!

  13. its cmyk beacuse its make out of the cmyk.. k stands for key.. black and white..

  14. its ‘cyan magenta yellow and black’
    thats why its the name and the colours. hehe

  15. Thanks for the clarification. 🙂

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