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This is a SICK video. Watch at your own risk. I was sick yesterday and since I had to stay home to rest … I got really bored and did this little video. Lighting was bad, camera was lousy (aka Digital Harinezumi) and I was sick. Get it? Anyway … here it goes …

Disclaimer : The characters in this tale are fictional. Any similarity to any of you out there … is … ermmm … not my fault. 😀

I’m gonna send this to National Geographic.



  2. wah lao eh.. LOLzz!!!!! u win liao la, mr ndroo… hahhhahahaaa

  3. Ahem! Please note that I’m a perfectly fine individual. 😀

  4. eeeeee

  5. wah wad if fitz see?? gone liao lor. u will have a never ending list of questions 😛

  6. Hahahaha! Okay … okay … I’m recovering now. I should be healthy and not this sick by end of the week. *cough cough*


  8. @Rachel : … There is no fish in there :X 😛 😛

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