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Right after the clown colored CMYK Diana F+ was released, being the sucker I’ve always been … I placed an order for it because I had 70 piggies (US$ credit) with them. So in minutes the order was placed. Minutes later, I changed my mind. I wanted to maybe change it to the bundle with the Diana Mini and perhaps a Gorillapod. So I quickly login to cancel the order before it is processed and luckily I was able to do so.

I clicked the ‘cancel order’ button and guess what … some message saying that my 70 piggies has been refunded (since I cancelled the order) was displayed on screen. Oh wait! Wait!!! No it didn’t say 70 piggies … but … 140 piggies!!! What the …. ???!!!! I was shocked for a while and quickly I checked my piggies again and it really showed ‘140 piggies’!!! I guessed some miracle (aka software bug) happened and my piggies got doubled!!! So I re-ordered the items and here they are today … my almost free toys! 😀

You must be wondering why the hell I didn’t try cancelling the order again to see if I can double up the piggies again.

Right? 😀

I admit that I did. Okay … I wasn’t very honest then. 😀 But too bad the miracle didn’t happen anymore but I was already hell happy getting these free babies for free. 😀 I’ve sinned but … hey … I’ve invested tons of money buying plastics from them … this should be some kind of ‘reward’ for my loyalty. Right? 😀

I believe in karma. Feeling a little bit guilty days later, I did email their customer service to explain the situation and they replied me saying that I don’t need to pay for the difference. Phew! Don’t say that I’m stupid to do so but I just didn’t feel good by ‘cheating’ … despite the fact that I know they make big money from suckers like me.

I am sure you guys are gonna try cancelling your orders next time to see if miracles happen. Hahaha. Just hope that Lomography don’t sue me for the amount of cancelled transactions then.


  1. lol… good loh

  2. lucky you 😀 hahahi i can’t think if getting any other cameras now.. all i have in my head is the X1

  3. haha. i’ve decided that i am eventually going to get an LCA from them but the only way I will do it is if i get a lot of piggies. trouble is i dont usually do or say things that they approve of. guess i’ll have to start kissing some lomography a## 😉

  4. @mijonju : The X1!!! I love that too. Now all I hope is some project I’m working on go thru smoothly and next year … there might be hope I can grab one of those baby to play with too.

    @Diesel : You mean there is a way to get piggies by kissing their asses? 😀 Not really true. My recent Diana Mini review was peppered with bad points about the cam … but I still got my piggies. 😀

  5. Wah…thats a good catch! I still havent CLICK for my mini :S

  6. @Jer : It’s about time to CLICK!

  7. SO LUCKY!! happy for ya!!

  8. i dont know, i’ve never won any piggies 😉
    i just always thought you have to do some pointless tipster stuff and some pointless camera “reviews” (i use quotes because i rarely find a good detailed one on their site)

  9. @irorus : Thanks 😉

    @Diesel : Hahaha. There are two ways to get piggies. Write some pointless ‘reviews’ and tipsters to help keep their blog content alive and be rewarded with some little piggies or win some contests in there for more piggies. You won’t find very ‘pro’ reviews because maybe for those few piggies … they can’t expect people to write in detail etc. Right? Hahaha. Now go earn some piggies. 😛

  10. integrity. i am proud of you. heehee. repentance is never to late. muahaha. 😛

  11. 😛 how do you get so many piggies btw?? so curious.

  12. @solace : I got the piggies from winning some rumbles thingie as well as from getting (as in Diesel’s words … ‘pointless’) reviews and tipsters published in their blog/website. 😀

  13. dude u ordered directly from lomographyasia?

  14. @Wilfred : Nope. I usually order from Lomo’s international store because I can only use my piggies in their site.

  15. what are these piggies? ;P

  16. Im working hard to earn piggies! haha

  17. @Wilfred : Piggies are US$ credits in Lomography’s website. Each piggy is equivalent to US$1. So if you are awarded 10 piggies … this means you have US$10 credit to use in their store when you buy any of their products (from their online store).

    @Lawry : Keep up the good work! We all work for piggies. 😀

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