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Woke up at 5am to help out a friend in a morning shoot during sunrise and apart from enjoying some cold fresh morning air, coffee and laughter … I toyed with my Digital Harinezumi for a while and got a couple of shots …

Fortunately I had a tripod in my car and I could shoot a little bit of video while I was busy doing the important stuffs. It’s kinda funny though. The Harinezumi is so tiny when mounted on the tripod. I didn’t want to use my little Gorillapod because I was really worried the tide might wash away the camera and float it all the way back to Japan.

It’s also the first time I’m adding audio to my video. Since I don’t like wasting people’s time watching long boring videos … the video only last about 1 minute. It was pretty hell trying to find a 1 minute song to go with it too. You can close the video player after the ‘The end’ words appear. I somehow left too much empty (black) section at the end of the video. Hahaha. There is no encore nor hidden bonus tracks at the end. Sorry.


  1. the music so cinematic i waiting for the godzilla to come out of the water!

  2. Hi ndroo,
    May i know which beach did you go to? Why is there only a small round patch of grass?

  3. @ranon : That’s the only song I could find in my HDD that’s about 1 min long. Sorry for not having a godzilla in there. Hahaha.

    @Qiaozhi : I was at Changi beach.

  4. Omg UFO spotted at 0:49! LOL.

  5. @Andy : Yeah that was an UFO! Hahaha! They threw down some cans of beer when they zoomed past.

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