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As I was doing some very short video clip with the Digital Harinezumi just now, couldn’t resist taking some still photos to kick off a small gallery that I’ll start soon to house all my crappy Digital Harinezumi photos. So far I’ve not really been taking much photos with it because the moment I switch it on … I’ll be tempted to play with the video function instead. Hehehe.

My battery went dead right after the 5 minutes of shooting. Phew. Glad it decided to kick the bucket only after I managed to capture what I wanted. This little camera is one hell of a big battery sucker! I can’t find any rechargable CR2 batteries in stores here but in eBay … there seems to be only some rechargable with unknown brand from China. Guess I’ll have to go do some checking online to see how reliable they are. I don’t want some lousy batteries that might leak easily and kill my precious tiny cam.

The final video might take another week or so to complete because I’ve only maybe 30 seconds of video now. Hahaha! These photos above are straight out of the camera. If you are wondering if I used the firmware ‘cheat’ to switch to black & white mode … the answer is ‘no’. As this cam I have is the newer batch, there is no way (yet) to change it to shoot black & white. So how did these photos turn out looking like black & white images? I’m sure it won’t take you too long to figure it all out.


  1. i still see the ghost effect leh… hahahahah

  2. The xerox always makes a great camera! I just picked up a white Harinezumi myself after watching some of the videos you have posted, as well as some from a few other blogs, I was convinced!

  3. @norya : Yeah. The greenish ‘ghost’ still appears in certain indoor lighting condition. Hahaha.

    @Sarah : Congrats on the new Harinezumi. It’s fun eh?

  4. we should carry a xerox around to take bnw pics.

  5. @ymmij : Hmm. Good idea. Let’s find a compact one. Will be hell cool. Hahaha. Carrying a photocopier is gonna be fun!

  6. ndroo, u really amazed me!! cool!! but look like scenes from “the ring” 😛 levi’s jean campaign also used the photocopy effect.

  7. i hope what i get this monday is the old version of the harinezumi. but are the video quality still the same with the old?

  8. @Lawry : Thanks

    @ethermoon : After a while, I am begining to like the new version better somehow. It seems that you need to tweak the old one more often to get nicer colors if you are not so much into that purple-ish tone.

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