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I am on annual leave today to accompany Fitzand to a trip to the zoo with his teachers and friends from the childcare. I must admit that I was very happy and excited when I heard of the invite to join them for half a day of fun at the zoo. Being at the zoo with Fitzand is joy enough but since I love to be around kids, I told myself that I have to make sure I can join them no matter what. So I woke up early in the morning and at around 830am … we hopped on the bus with a bunch of his friends and teachers and off to the zoo we went.

The teachers asked if I could help take some shots during the trip and of course I was happy to help out. Ended up with about 60 photos! Guess my trigger-happy habit gets worse when it comes to photographing kids.

I almost had a heart attack during one of the short talk about butterflies. A lady from the zoo was telling the kiddos about caterpillars and butterflies and then later walked around holding a caterpillar in her hand to let the kiddos touch it. As Fitzand was sitting pretty far from the rest, he didn’t see how the rest of the kids touch the caterpillar (gently).

So when the lady came to use with the caterpillar on her palm … Fitzand grabbed it! OMG! The lady went ‘Oh! No!!! Don’t do that!!!’. Hahahaha! Guess Fitzand didn’t know what it was and thought it could be some colorful rubber toy! So we quickly made him release his grip and luckily the caterpillar was still alive (I think). I can’t imagine if he had squashed it with his hand. Eeeew!!!! He later started laughing and told me ‘I crumpled the caterpillar’. Duh! He almost gave the caterpillar an express ticket … bypassing the butterfly stage of flying and fly it direct all the way to heaven. Phew!

Fitzand wanted to be the official photographer of the day

The rest of the photos are in his photo gallery.

Despite the fact that I’m super tired today after running around with Fitzand at the zoo … I had lots of fun and feel really happy today. Weekend is here and there will be more fun coming up. Yay!


  1. hahahah… that girl Fitz new gf huh?

  2. I was there this morning too!!!

  3. Hahaha… cute last shot!

  4. @norya : Hahaha!

    @babykailan : Oh you were there too? I saw lots of school kids. Think they had some promo going on for kids. Saw some people with big time DSLR setup. Were you one of them?

    @irorus : Thanks 😀

  5. woo… fitz got gf. hope he doesn’t need to meet her parentals soon :p!!
    P.S. dear fitz, if you take her out pls bring her home before 8pm, your dad wouldn’t want her mum calling 😛

  6. @solace : Don’t scare me. Hahaha!

  7. your fitz is mad cute la. his mickey mouse cap is a heartbreaker. 😛

  8. Ndroo, couldn’t help but laughed out loud at the part you described Fitzand grabbing the caterpillar (OMG!) lol. It’s a Monday and I always enjoy reading your entries after the weekend haha.

    Thanks actually, this works better than my morning coffee…

  9. @Rachel : Glad it helped. Hahaha. I’m still depending on coffee to keep me sane on Monday morning. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  10. @ndroo, no i am small-timer. only had a 24-105 with me. i saw one camo-ed bazooka though. and yes loads of monkeys, apart from those swinging from trees.

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