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F1 came to Singapore last year, the first night race in F1 history. The Singapore Grand Prix runs counterclockwise, which makes the Singapore race one of the only three circuits in the world to do so. The race will span about five kilometres, with 14 left-hand turns and 10 right-hand turns, meaning there will be several thrilling straights and tight turns for dramatic action.

If you were expecting a video clip of the F1 race … sorry for the disappointment. Hahaha! I actually had an invitation to watch the F1 race that night but since I had an appointment to join friends at the Bottle Tree Village for dinner that night, I had to give up that offer to watch the race. Fortunately, outside the place where we were supposed to have dinner … I saw this race going on and video-ed it. Hahaha. Maybe I’ll go check out the next F1 race next season. The last one I attended was the first race in Sepang, Malaysia and that was like ages ago.

You might have also noticed that I’ve gone back to uploading videos to Vimeo instead of YouTube. The reason is because YouTube is now removing the audio from videos which it ‘thinks’ has infringed copyrights. Duh! To think that I’ve just started to add some ‘sound’ to my silent movies … and YouTube has to come spoil all the fun. Vimeo … here I come!


  1. LOL! You had me on that one! I did watch the race live tho… too bad Kimi didn’t do better. I need to make it down next year if I can convince the wife!

  2. @Nic : Hahaha. Next year I’ll order something from your store and you tell your wife that you’ve gotta make a personal delivery to me here in Singapore. Just don’t charge the air tickets to me. 😛

  3. hahahaha. then i’ve save my order for the following year.

  4. @ymmij : Let’s help Nic get his ‘passport’ to come here. Hahaha. We all save our orders for next year. 😀

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