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A day at the beach is always fun with Fitzand running around, beer flowing like a waterfall and friends to hang around with. Brought Fitzand to the beach in Sentosa yesterday and he brought along his Bob The Builder ‘friends’ to let them scoop some sand and water. Luckily the weather was great and we all had big fun.

It was yesterday that those guys from LomotionSG, a local forum for Lomography and other analogue cam fans had their annual Sunny Rehab outing there. Too bad we couldn’t join them for the almost full day outing (Fitzand needs to nap!), so we caught up with a couple of them later the day for some beer.

Fitzand was happily playing and suddenly … he walked towards us and sat down. He looked at the basket of fries and chicken nuggets and asked if he could eat them. Of course he could and he enjoyed munching them for a while before zooming off to play with his toys again. He seems to like playing at the beach and we thought maybe we should accept a friend’s invitation to join them for a trip to a  beach resort … maybe to Mauritius. Hmm …

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