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Left fermenting in my camera for too long, this roll of long expired 24 exposure Solaris film finally get to see the light of day. It took me a while to recall that one particular day when it was raining and I was stuck at home on a weekend … I was cleaning my desk (at home) when I came across a broken old digital camera. I ripped it apart some time ago to check out the ‘internals’ and suddenly a crazy thought of photographing it ran (or crawled) through my mind. I could do a double exposure!

I filled up the 24 exposures with photos of the broken digital camera’s (inside) parts and then reloaded the roll for a double. It took me quite a while to finish the second exposures and the results were pretty crazy. I love them!

As you can probably see … the 2nd exposures were taken from various locations … ranging from the streets … to the toilet and even in Starbucks. Hahaha. I know it’s way messy but that’s how I love my double exposures. 😀



  2. whats number 9?

  3. brilliant doubles… what camera did you use to shoot these?

  4. wah…. u always have the craziest ideas for doubles. Love them!

  5. @Lo : Thanks

    @mijonju : #9? That’s a shot of the camera internal parts and also some buildings (and sky)

    @juznobsrvr : I used an old EOS88 for the first exposure and the LC-A+ for the 2nd. The 2nd exposure looks a little under though. Hope my LC-A+ metering has not gone nuts.

    @irorus : Thanks

  6. awesome photos ndroo!

  7. ONE WORD. awesome!!
    keep up the good work 😛

  8. daaang!

    nice idea!!

  9. @wey, solace & renaldy : Thank you

  10. @ndroo. your very most welcome. 😛

  11. nice…. very very very nice….

  12. @norya : Thanks

  13. er… how on earth did you do it? sorry, i’m new to such stuffs but very interested to learn!!!

  14. @Anonymous : These are double exposures. I shot the entire roll with the electronic parts/camera internals as my subject … then reload the roll of film for the 2nd exposure. Hope this helps.

  15. Hi, i’m the ‘annoymous’. forgotten to leave my name earlier, sorry about that. for these double exposures, can it be used on any lomo cameras as well? you mean you finished all the shots, reload it and shoot again?

  16. @Jeslyn : Yup. They can be used on any Lomo/film camera. The only catch is that for closeup (like the one I did shooting the electronic boards/camera parts), I used a film SLR with a macro lens so I can focus pretty close. Otherwise, if you are shooting something not that close, you can use any Lomo/film camera. Just remember to mark the begininig of the first frame before you start shooting … finish shooting the roll, rewind it (making sure you leave the film lead) and load it into another/same camera for the 2nd exposure. Ermmm … I ain’t good at writing but I hope you get what I mean. 😀 Drop me a message if you need more info.

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