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RM01 means ‘Random Mix 01’. My first effort at putting many little short video clips to form a … ermm … short video clip. I’m kinda addicted to playing with the video mode on the tiny cam but getting enough short clips to form a final video of ‘decent’ length is still pretty hell tough for me. 😀

The song in the video is titled ‘Rule the world’ by Inch Chua. 🙂

I’m wondering how long it will take for me to shoot enough short clips to really be able to let an entire 3 or 4 minutes song play through. Hahaha! Maybe it’s just me. I have a problem watching long video clips and thus I’m always shooting extremely short ones and even speed them up to prevent boring myself.

That’s all for now. It’s been quite a crazy busy day and I’ve just came back from the park with Fitzand. I’ll go take a shower and see if I have the stamina to create another blog entry about a lens I modified earlier today.


  1. good stuff! I like it!!! it’s a nice lil cam! for riding and all but it’s a lil bit steep on the price side. sad!

  2. like.

  3. lovely i like inch chua after your video anywhere i can get her cd? amazon> im gonna check it out now,

  4. @mijonju : find her in facebook. The links are there. The album is free for dwnload

  5. @haiqal & solace : thanks

  6. WAA its free!

  7. @mijonju : Oh yeah … and she’s really good!

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