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I’ve always thought the Olympus E-P1 is a very good camera and thought the 17mm f2.8 pancake lens is the only one I’ll ever own for use on it. Unfortunately … along came Panasonic and their GF1, another Micro 4/3 system camera and with it … comes a bright Lumix 20mm f1.7 pancake lens that sent a tsunami into my bank balance. Duh! The lens is not available here in Singapore yet (except when buying it with the camera body), so after quite some consideration … I decided to get a friend to buy it from Japan.  3 other friends joined in this order to save some shipping and finally the lenses arrived today.

Took some random test shots (some at high ISO) this evening while waiting for one of them to collect the lens.

I am pretty happy with it (but wish it were f1.4 instead). Focusing is a little bit noisier than the Olympus 17mm but at f1.7, getting more decent bokeh is something really fun. Like the Olympus 17mm, closest focusing is at 0.2m and that makes shooting yummies (and beer) a lot easier. 😀 I wish the lens comes in silver instead though. One surprise I found in the box was a pouch to store this pancake lens. Now I can bring both the pancakes around and yet still be able to fit them in a small bag. 😀

These are the other 3 lenses that were waiting for collection by the friends who joined me in the mass order. I’m very sure they will be very happy with these. 😀


  1. wow,.. im more interested in the lunch you had

  2. @mijonju : It is more like dinner instead of lunch. Bangers & mash … fish & chips … Yum! 😀

  3. Super rich uncle!!! Hmm… 20mm is not very wide hor? So which is better?

  4. @cyanwater : I ain’t rich but I managed to make some pocket money from that stuff I told you I was doing. Hahaha. The 20mm ends up as 40mm on the E-P1. So it ain’t that wide. Which is better? I’d say the Lumix one is better … tho it is a bit bigger than the sexier 17mm pancake.

  5. @cyanwater : Oh … also … the Lumix lens makes slightly louder sound when focusing. Not too irritating though. Too bad it is in black color and doesn’t look that nice on the white cam. 😀

  6. @ndroo, uncle andrew u make me very hungry. me want eat.

  7. @solace : Yum! Yum! Yum! Hehehe.

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