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Just arrived back in Singapore after a 3 days trip to Malaysia to visit my parents. Fitzand had a great time with my folks and was very reluctant to come back but thank God he didn’t kick up a fuss in the car on the way back. Phew.

I found a new love during this trip there … shooting black & white photos using my GRD3 in the 1:1 format (aka squares). I’ll be creating a new page/gallery just for this and hopefully I’ll be able to fill it up soon. I have quite a handful of photos from the Malaysia trip but I’m just too tired to go through them except these few … ermm … of a cat I found in my in-law’s place. This kitty was friendly (don’t judge him by his pretty fierce look) and I managed to get some closeups him. Fitzand was sitting right beside the cat asking me what was I doing. Hahaha. He must be glad this time he ain’t being made my model.

I love using the My Mode thingie on the GRD3. I’ve set all the three My Mode settings … and just by turning the dial, I can now quickly switch between normal color mode, black & white mode and also black & white mode in 1:1 (square) format. Since I’ve decided to shoot more photos in black & white in 1:1, I’ll leave the cam at that mode by default.

I love cats … thus the many photos of this cutie. There are quite many more but I’ll not bore you with too many shots of the same cat. 😀

It’s pretty sad to have to go back to work tomorrow but I’ll find time when I get back home to go through the other shots I took and hopefully be able to upload them tomorrow night.


  1. Awesome shots.

  2. I absolutely love these!

  3. wah rich sia!

  4. @Joe & Lo : Thanks

    @bear : I ain’t rich. Hahaha. I could afford this because I sold of some cameras not long ago and had some ‘spare fund’ while I was in search for a compact digital camera.

  5. S***** RICH UNCLE! Always make people envy! Hmmph!!!

  6. these shots are so awesome that I have to crawl out from my lurkerdom to comment on them! 😀 how do you manage to get the cat to stay still while you point something at her/him? Although she does look mighty pissed off.

  7. @cyanwater : Argh! I’ve told you before that I could only afford buying this because I sold of some cameras (eg. my Bessa RF) and had enough $ to recycle into this. Hahaha. The GRD3 is a great cam!

    @wynth : Thank you. Hahahha! Welcome out of the lurkerdom. The cat is pretty friendly … despite the pissed off look on her face.

  8. so is the ep-1, right?!!!!!!!!

  9. @cyanwater : Hehehe. Yeah. But then they might not be good enuf for pro shooters like you. Anyway, lots of rumours of a new EP … maybe E-P2? You might wanna check it out end Oct or early Nov. Hehehe. Have you decided … yet? 😀

  10. so beautiful!! i <3 cats too … thats the power of GRD3!! 😀

  11. yeah! welcome back

  12. @carrie : Thanks. Yeah … cats r cool

    @Mijonju : Thanks. Hahaha. Got your new blog up yet?

  13. @ndroo. i like your muse. 😛

  14. WoW! Nice close up Shot!

  15. great close ups

  16. @solace : You got me confused for a while. Hahaha. I thought you were referring to my Lensbaby Muse. 😀

    @doublechin : Thank you. Still a lot to learn from you, the master.

    @juznobsrvr : Thanks 🙂

  17. @ndroo sorry, i meant meow muse. 🙂

  18. very nice pictures! can i ask, have u tried using a colorsplash flash on ur grd3 before? does it work? thx! 😀

  19. @Shay : Thanks. The colorsplash flash? I’ve not tried it. I tried using it on other digi cam but mine doesn’t fire. I understand that for some of the colorsplash flash, you need to do some DIY to swap 2 wires in them so that it works on digi cams. Some batches of the flash (not sure old or new) can work without the wire swap. Maybe I’ll go try swapping the wires soon. 😀

  20. i havent tried mine on any other digicam before either. my fren it mine on his d90 and it works though. dunno if compact n dslr contacts are different. swapping wires sounds tough to me, shall wait for your findings. 😀

  21. @Shay : Okay. Let me get enough sleep before I attempt doing it. It’s a little risky. Touching the capacitor (I think that’s what they call it) might get me zapped(!!!). I’ve touched that crap a few times before when messing around with internals of a digi cam. I am afraid … very afraid. LOL

  22. omg ok sounds really scary haha. take your time and dun drink before u attempt! 😀

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