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I tried my best to go through all the photos I took during the weekend in Malaysia but somehow I’m too damn tired to do so. Anyway … here are a handful that I’ve managed to upload to my gallery …

All these photos (including the cat ones in the earlier entry) has just gone through very minimal post-processing. I usually brighten the images a little, adjust slightly the levels (for some only) and later resize them for web before applying a little sharpening. Pretty impressed with the black & white mode in the GRD3. I don’t really fancy those so-called ‘film simulation’ where some in-camera/Photoshop action will try make the digital images look like those from good ol’ black & white film, so the ‘basic’ black & white mode will work fine for me.

I accidentally left the camera in RAW mode and almost fainted when I saw the contents of the SD card. Luckily this cam shoots JPEG + RAW and I was able to just use the JPEG files instead. Yeah … I am not a RAW person and will use that file format only when I’m doing shoots that are oh-so-important-that-you-cannot-screw-up.

One complain I have about this camera is that it gets warm pretty fast, especially when shooting outdoors in the (crazy hot) sun. Not too big a problem because I usually can’t stand going out in the hot sun for too long and this means the chances that my camera will explode (!!!?) is slim. Nah … just joking.


  1. ndroo i have a confession to make, i am madly in love with your camera 🙂

  2. its awesome!

  3. @solace : Now I didn’t know that you’ll fall in love with digital cameras as well. 😀 Sad ain’t it? Hahahaha.

    @bear : Thanks

  4. like that license plate shot… seems like you’re on a macro phase?

  5. @juznobsrvr : Thanks. Well there wasn’t anything interesting to shoot and the sun was on full blast (and I didn’t wanna go out), so I just lurked under shade at my in-law’s place to photograph these closeups. Hahaha. The 1cm closeup feature on the cam made it all even more fun.

  6. Great set Ndroo, 6X6 (or in your case 1X1) framing is tough! I’ve always found it much more challenging than regular framing. Any tips?

  7. Envy…

  8. @crankymike : Thank you. As a matter of fact, I always find square format is easier to frame subjects. Maybe that’s just me. I find that in a square format … there is less ‘space’ for many things and thus we don’t have to worry too much about ‘balancing’ subjects/objects in composition. 😀 Maybe I’m just lazy. 😀

    @Jer : So have you decided on which cam to get? Or is it iMac instead? 😀

  9. @ndroo well. lets just put it as infatuation. it will pass. it will 😛 just like all teenage crushes. hahaha :)) or maybe not. oh no. then we have problem :0

  10. Wonder if my gx100 can do anything similar….

    Really kewl set, ndroo!

  11. 6318 kang tao zi this wkend!

  12. @Ta : Thanks. The GX100 has 1:1 ratio format too. Haha. I had the camera for a short while but didn’t realise the fun of shooting 1:1 until now.

    @Zig : Okay! I’ll try remember buy lottery with that number this week. Oh damn! They have a draw today and it’s too late! Hope it doesn’t turn out 1st prize tonight or I might have to slap myself.

  13. I just had to test it this morning

  14. The banana photo is sick.

  15. @Ta : Cool. Nice photos there. So you are addicted to square format on your cam too? 😀

    @Tom : Thanks

  16. I love the close-up shots in these photos, the cobwebs can even be seen sooo closely. Too bad no spider on time.
    what is the GRD3? @.@ I’m now thinking if i should change my camera!
    As compared to the EP-1? Which is better? 😀

  17. @wynth : Thanks. The GRD3? It is the 3rd generation of the famous Ricoh GRD compact camera. You can check out more detailed specs online. Can’t really compare it with the E-P1 because of not only the sensor size but also the physical size itself. The GRD3 is a simple looking (but packs a punch) compact that can fit in your pocket, while the E-P1 (though smaller than DSLRs) is much bigger than the GRD3. Photo quality wise … the GRD3 does prove that it can deliver very good images (due to the great lens). I love both the GRD3 and E-P1. In low light, both performs pretty well too (in terms if noise).

  18. Thanks for the insight, ndroo! so many choices now to consider… 😀
    GRD3, EP-1, BBF…@.@

  19. @Tom why is it sick… ? looks totally bananas to me 🙂

  20. “@Jer : So have you decided on which cam to get? Or is it iMac instead? :D”

    Still cannot decide :S Waiting to test drive the iMac @ work first, Apple is fast with their .com updates but slow with delivery…sigh….

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