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Few days ago, I was kinda surprised when Fitzand told me ‘Friday we are going to collect sweets!’ when I fetched him from the childcare. It took me a while to realise that they are probably going trick-or-treating today. Hahahaha. Then the next day, we got a note from the childcare informing us that they are arranging the kiddos to go trick-or-treating and want us to get some costume and stuffs for him. Fun! According to the teachers, they have already pre-planned everything and those neighbourhood shops that will be giving out the treats have been informed earlier (and I guess sweets and stuffs planted there). Well … the kiddos won’t know about it anyway. 😀 There was also a special instruction to avoid those scary/creepy masks etc. because there are some smaller children in the childcare. There goes Fitzand’s original plan of getting a gorilla mask. Hmm. Gorillas ain’t that scary right?

We ended up at Toys R Us the night before and settled for some simpler stuffs. He was so excited this morning that I had to give him some early treats and got him to ‘pose’ for some photos. Hahaha. I wish I could take the day off and join the kids and get some photos of them in cute costumes.

I’m sure when I pick him up this evening, the ‘pumpkin’ is gonna filled with yummies!


  1. Haha…very funny!

  2. A happy boy 🙂

  3. hahahahhaa… he keeps sticking his tongue out. Must be trying to make scary face. Fail! It’s too cute!

  4. Hahaha. Thanks.

  5. Fitzand man…I am sorry…You are so not scarry.
    Too cute!


  6. not scare lah but i want sweets

  7. he is such a sweet heart 🙂

  8. @Ta : I’ll let him know not to try to be scary anymore. LOL

    @peter : Come over and I’ll give you sweets (and beer)

    @solace : Thanks

  9. So adorable!

  10. these photos are too adorable to be scary lol! very very cute boy.

  11. @cyanwater : Thanks. So have you decided? GRD3? EP1? EP2?

    @Rachel : THanks. Guess this scary trick failed. Hahaha.

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