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Some of you might wonder what on earth happened to me because I’ve not been touching film for a couple of weeks already. Well I did shoot a couple of rolls but they were all for double exposure collaborations which I’ve yet to send to my partners … so you have not been seeing any film shots lately. Today I decided to take a short break in the afternoon and joined a friend for a short walk around Club St for some fun. These were shot using a roll of Solaris 200 film that I bought recently when I was at the newly opened ThirtySix shop. They do stock up on these cool negatives, so I grabbed 6 rolls of them … 2 rolls of ISo100, 2 of ISO200 and 2 more of ISO400.

The last time I used this film was quite long ago but those were expired rolls that I got dirt cheap from eBay. I loved the colors and so when I heard that Solaris will be available in Singapore … I was damn sure I’ll be shooting negatives more often now. If you look at these photos, some of them even look a little bit like cross-processed shots. Ermm … don’t they?

Fortunately we managed to finish our rolls of film minutes before it started pouring. As I have yet to get my scanner installed on my new iMac, I had to let the shop do the scanning for me. Somehow after a very long break from letting the shop do the scanning … I suddenly realise how convenient it is to let the shop do it. Hahaha. Too bad money is always the issue … so I guess I’ll have to do the scanning myself soon.

My Sunday photo partner. He looks pretty red in this photo eh? Nah … he gets even ‘red-der’ after a pint of beer!

If you haven’t tried the Solaris negatives before … maybe it is about time you stock up a roll or two. I bet you won’t regret it. 😀


  1. Awesome shot! Awesome color!… Awesome! Solaris here I come! 🙂

  2. Nice set!!!!! Drooling new iMac!!!!

  3. @doublechin : Master Chins … thank you. Yeah … about time you go stock up on Solaris.

    @Jer : Thanks. Hahaha. Finally I’m on mac. My old PC finally is retired.

  4. Congrats on your mac, and solaris. 😉

  5. @cyanwater : Thanks. Congrats on your mac too! LOL! As for the Solaris … the next time I want a 50% discount ok?

  6. YEAH for Mac!! You got the new 16:9 screen? Go install ya scanner. It’s really easy and quick. Can be done in a minute. 😉

  7. @irorus : Yeah. I’ve just downloaded the mac version of the silverfast last night. Took me a while to find my serial number. Hahaha. Will hook up the scanner in a day or two. Nothing to scan now … so no rush. 😀 I’ll see you tomorrow. 😉

  8. @ndroo. why so cynical. haha :))

  9. @ndroo did u use the iso 200??

  10. @solace : Yup. ISO two zero zero.

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