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I was too busy last weekend (was it ever here at all?) and missed out my usual ‘summary’ blog entry. Hahaha. So I’ll post it now … nothing too exciting though.

This is what kept me busy during the weekend. No … not only learning how to use it (I felt like an idiot when I first tried using it … despite working in the IT line for longer than forever!) but working my ass off on Saturday to earn some extra $ to pay for it.

Saturday zapped past and then it was Sunday. I was playing with Fitzand at the park when I saw this cute cat. Took some shots of it and almost had my new Lumix 20mm lens ‘killed’. I was pretty close to it and suddenly the kitty reached out and tried to paw my lens! Luckily I was fast enough to escape some scratches on the lens. Phew. Maybe I should consider getting a good UV filter for it.

Not sure what was going on in my fuzzy eyeballs … this next one seems a little underexposed. Should have adjusted a bit more brightness during post processing. Bah!

Brought Fitzand out for breakfast the park and then it was biking time. He still doesn’t cycle that well and after a short while … he will go ‘Daddy!!! Push me!!!’. So you can imagine the condition of my old back after an hour of pushing him around the park.

Lighting was tricky because we were under some shady trees. I had to switch to spot metering to at least get some decent exposures.

the uphill task … urghhh urghhh!!!

Sneaked out for a short shoot when Fitzand was taking his afternoon nap and managed to finish a roll on my LC-A+. Check it out here.

A couple of snapshots taken the week before at Vivocity mall …

Stress #1 : I had to make sure he didn’t get him self (t00) wet because we still had some shopping to do. It ended up the other way round because while taking some snapshots of him … I got both my shoes soaking wet. Duh!

Stress #2 : The last time we were at this area where they have these animal kiddy rides … Fitzand was a bit too young to errmmm … make them move. We had to push the ‘animals’ instead. Now that he’s almost 3 … he rode them like a cowboy and sometimes at very high speed! It was pretty stressful trying to take some photos and also make sure he doesn’t zoom too fast … in case he falls off the zebra etc.

It’s only Tuesday but I’m already looking forward to the coming weekend. 😀 Joining some friends for a pot luck session (aka excuse to gather, talk and booze) and perhaps find time to out shooting. Oh … my Gakkenflex camera should arrive in a day or two and I’m sure I’ll be burning a roll of film on it during the weekend too!


  1. tht is some close up man. 🙂 meow

  2. prince needs a horse 😀

  3. @solace : Thanks

    @Mijonju : Sorry I can’t give him a horse because the grass around my home is reserved for myself. I’m eating grass because I can’t afford normal food anymore … after all the toy puchases. 🙁 Hahahha!

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