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Took the opportunity to try shooting a super short video clip when I was testing out the E-P1 + Pentax 25mm f1.4 lens while I was at the Merlion Park for the sunrise shoot. My hands were ultra-shaky probably due to lack of sleep, so I mounted the camera on my crappy tripod and tried ‘panning’ it with the tripod’s center column. Too bad the movement wasn’t very smooth and resulted in slight jerks in some parts of the video.

It was tough trying to turn the camera but holding on to it, so I just ‘dragged’ the camera strap to guide the cam into panning from left to right.

Here’s the little short video …

You will notice there isn’t any vignetting when using this lens in video mode. Guess the video ratio took care of that. The greenish color in the video is because of a ‘yellow tint’ effect I applied during editing. Maybe because the original video was blue-ish … the video ended up greenish (like xpro?). Hahaha.

I randomly picked an audio file to go with it. I know it ain’t really suitable or nice. Hahaha.

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