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This is a piece of very fresh news from Japan. For those who loves shooting videos with their Digital Harinezumi camera … this is a chance to win some good pocket money as well as a Harinezumi 2 camera! Don’t let your talent and those cool videos you shoot go to waste. Go submit your entries today!

For more information and details in English, check out CircleRectangle’s blog entry HERE. By the way, CircleRectangle is a new website/blog dedicated to spread the poison (of more cams & toys) by a good friend Mijonju. Do check it out often for some lethal dose of poison. Don’t blame me if your credit card/wallet ends up in flame.


  1. On lah!

  2. @Lawry : Oh yeah! Go for it! Go for gold!

  3. Oh yeah! Thanks for that, just uploaded my contribution

  4. @Dirk : That’s a cool video!

  5. competition will be postpone until further noticed

  6. @Mijonju : Huh? WTF! LOL! What happened?

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