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Loaded my Holga and thought I’d be shooting a couple of rolls during my trip to Malaysia … but I ended up only firing maybe 5 shots after a whole week! I ended up shooting mostly videos using the Harinezumi 2 and now I’ve to spend time sorting out the short video clips. Duh.

After the short video clip featuring macro subjects, here is one that I randomly did … with Fitzand and his cousin sister … Zaydeen as my ‘models’. Guess they both had a great time playing (and occasionally fighting) together. It was really fun watching them interact and do all sorts of funny things together. Guess they both miss each other after we left, because Fitzand was still mentioning ‘mei mei’ (little sister) when we left Kuala Lumpur for Johor. Zaydeen’s mom also told me that her girl was mentioning Fitzand after we left.

I think the ‘highlight’ of the entire trip was when they both grabbed their Xmas presents from under the Christmas tree and started ripping out the wrappers. Hahaha. I think Zaydeen’s mom has to go buy another present for her for Christmas now. They both got an early Xmas present of a pink pirate rabbit each. Fitzand was so happy that he reminded us to ‘bathe’ the rabbit so he can let the rabbit sleep on his bed when we reach home.

Don’t let looks fool you. The gentle looking girl is one fierce one in real life! I saw her throwing a toy car (looks like a metal one!) at Fitzand’s direction when they were both fighting to arrange the cars (both wanted them arranged in a different way … duh!). Luckily the car missed Fitzand but I think her daddy’s gotta buy a new TV any day now … if we were to let the kids play in front of it for much longer. *sweat* The funniest part was when I saw her daddy (in a hangover state) chase her at the mall. The little girl can sprint real fast!!!

I can’t wait for the Chinese New Year holidays when we all meet up again in our hometown. I’m sure the kids feel the same too.

If you are still reading these crap I am typing … here’s a little confession I’ve to make. While I was previewing this video above … halfway thru putting the little clips together … I realised some tears welled up in my eyes. I felt so happy watching the kids play and the smiles on their faces … are priceless. It’s hard to describe how I felt at that moment. Perhaps it’s something only parents can know. It is only now that I’m a parent myself that I’ve learned to appreciate my parents better. The hands that rock the cradle … rule the world are usually very tired.

I’ve still some random video clips taken during my buddy’s wedding but I’ll get his approval before uploading it online. 😀


  1. SUPERB! I love the Fitz feeding milk part..geesh..and holding hands going up the stairs!

  2. Awww….ndroo….{{{hugz}}} I guess there’s the wistfulness and nostalgia as well? I don’t know about you but I often wish I were still a kid, without a care in the world, when it’s eat-sleep-play all day and when I tire, even if I’m not asleep, I can feign sleep and I get carried home, no need to walk! =P

    Zaydeen and Fitzand look really good together! I like the part when he holds the milk bottle for her. He’ll make a good big brother! Zaydeen’s a little dynamite all right! I like the way she ripped her pressie and drumstick! 😀

    And I love their presents! I can’t wait to get my hands on mine! Hahahaha!

  3. @Kristine : Glad you like it. I’ll send you the full sized (tho not that big) videos tonite.

    @Trish : Thanks. I’ve not really wished I was back as a kid though. Why? Because I didn’t really have an interesting childhood. Mom was busy looking after the 3 of us while dad was always ‘busy’ over some crap. He was never (even once) present during the parent-teacher meetings nor our school events. He was ‘busy’. Duh! It was a boring childhood. I’d wish I was a kid again with if I have a dad who’ll spend more time and effort with us though. Hope you get a wonderful great Xmas present.

  4. Such lovely kids and heartwarming video clip… 🙂

  5. Oh, fitzand is so lucky to have his childhood nicely documented. 🙂

  6. @cyanwater : Thanks. I’m just doing the best I can to let him have a better childhood than mine. Just hope he won’t be complaining that I’m using crappy cameras to make crappy videos of him. He might just want them in HD. Hahaha.

  7. Sweet vid:) i love the part where he polishes off his lollipop with a frown on his face. lol. cute!

  8. I want to eat them (fitzand and Zaydeen)

  9. @Shawn : Thanks

    @Ta : You must be the Godzilla … ermm … GodzilTa!!!

  10. next president of the world 😀
    haha, love the GPS patch they have on their back.

  11. @Mijonju : Hahahahaha! The GPS thingie was a joke. Those are actually mosquito repellent patches. Hahaha. Ugly looking patches but beats letting the kids getting attacked by the mozzies.

  12. I hate mosquitoes too.. i dont mind if they suck my blood,.. but dont leave us itching after that..

  13. @Mijonju : You need to find a vampire.

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