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After seeing some of those ‘skins’ available for the Olympus E-P1, I wasn’t really impressed with any of those. They have those ‘leather’ skins (black ones seem to go well with the silver E-P1 though) and some have those ‘wooden’ pattern on them. The one that made me went ‘wow’ was one I saw today from a company in Korea called Gariz. They have this ‘metal sticker’ that’s gold in color and has some neat graphics on then. That company seems to make other stickers for other cameras and gadgets too. Check out these photos that I leeched from their website …

There’s even a piece of sticker for the ‘PUSH’ button …

Not bad eh? Not sure how durable they are but I’m sure they ain’t real metal. Hahaha! Each set costs about 27,000 Korean Won and I think that ain’t really too expensive … if it is durable. It is funny that I find this neat because I am one who doesn’t like gold colored stuffs.

For more info … check out their website here.

Will I wanna try getting one of these and see if my white cam will look any good with them on? Maybe if a friend is ordering some stuffs from Gmarket, I’ll pick up a set of these stickers to give it try. 😀 I think the gold colors will look pretty neat with white. Ermm … maybe. Just maybe. 😀 Or should I try DIY some ‘skin’ for my E-P1 someday?


  1. wow, thanks!

  2. Amazing! andrew, can i post the same thing on my site?

  3. COOL! But gold doesn’t go with silver! You shouldn’t do any skin for your EP-1 because it already looks very cool!

  4. @Patrick : U r most welcome 🙂

    @Mijonju : Of course you can. None of these photos belong to me (except the pic of my white one). Hahaha.

    @cyanwater : Yeah I also think so but my hands get itchy sometimes. 😛

  5. I can totally understand the itchy hands! LOL

  6. @irorus : I’m sure you have the same ‘problem’. Right? 😀

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