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My favourite ‘model’ is actually a big photography lover himself. Brought my family out for some Xmas shopping today and before we left home … Fitzand told me that he wanted to bring his camera along. I was a little worried when he said ‘my camera’. Why? Hahaha. It was not too long ago that he referred my Lomo LC-A+ camera as ‘my camera’ after I let him shoot a roll on it. *sweats* Phew. Thank God he was referring to the Little Tikes digital camera for kids instead. He will love the camera much more … only if it has some shutter sound when pressed. This camera is a mute one and thus he loves my LC-A+ better … for it goes ‘CLICK!’.

His ‘toy’ digital camera. Those little yellow cute stickers on it were given to him by a friend of mine. 😀

Making sure the shots are perfect …

He calls that his … ‘binoculars’. 😀 Guess he loves seeing those dinos, Spongebob and stuffs in it.

Look at his super duper sleepy eyes! Hahaha! He always refuses to sleep early during weekends and wakes up super early to play … ermm … just like me! Hahaha!

The coolest camera bag ever … don’t you agree? 😀

Here’s Fitzand at Vivocity … clowning around with his two new replenishment packs of play dough. I’ve bought him a Xmas present that I’ve yet to pass him but today … apart from the play doughs, he also got himself a new toy crane from the Thomas & Friends collection. He’s gonna be real happy this festive season because he’ll be receiving more toys for his 3rd birthday come 5th January.

That’s about all for this weekend. I only shot a few frames on film and spent most of the time with my family and also planning for my personal photo project next year … that will start in a couple of weeks time! It is gonna be a crazy project that will require much more than hardwork. This will run simultaneously with The Art Of Waiting project because I don’t have that much time to spend on two separate ones. Details and photos will be out in 2011 when The Art Of Waiting completes. Hahaha. That’s a hell long wait … I know.


  1. So how? Matchmake him to my niece?

  2. Hmm. Matchmake him to your niece and that makes both of us relatives and that makes me eligible for 50% discount on all items in your shop? Hmm … not a bad idea!

  3. Ok, on! Btw, how old exactly is fitzand?

  4. @cyanwater : Fitzand will turn 3 on the 5th Jan next year … which is like a couple of weeks away. 😀

  5. I am excited to find out about your personal project! Now you are making me wait 😉
    Happy New Year!

  6. @Jeff : Yay! I checked out the ‘waiting list’ and found that my mail finally reached you. Let’s all wait together. 😀 It’s really getting very exciting although it’s only the first month of waiting. Hahaha!

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