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I’m on leave today to attend a short X’mas party at the childcare center that Fitzand attends. He was so excited (I’m sure it’s all ’bout the present) and after breakfast, he checked into the childcare while I waited for the ‘party’ to begin around 9:45am. It was awesome to be amongst the many cute kiddos although it was a bit chaotic because of the number of kids + parents present. I decided to video his ‘performances’ instead of photos but I was stumbling with my camera because I’ve hardly used it much … especially the video functions. Duh! The Canon SX1IS has a button behind it just for video and I kept pressing the shutter button instead! This resulted in much panic but luckily I was able to walk out with some videos. Sorry if the quality sucks … ain’t the cam’s fault but mine. Hehe.

A little different from his first performance at this year’s National Day celebration, this time their Mandarin class teacher got them to sing some pretty retro (classic? folk?) song. Hahaha! You can see Fitzand a little different in that performance until the next one which he has some sticks to ‘drum’ along real fast. Hahaha. Wonder if they’ll allow kids to sing stuffs like rap metal eh? 😀 Anyway … back to the Mandarin song. He was singing a couple of lines from that song recently and we decided to try piss him off. He was singing something like ‘Ya hey~’ and we sang along … as ‘Yahoo~’. Hahaha! He stopped and told us … ‘No! It is YA-HEY!’. We repeated that stunt a few times and he got really irritated. Muwahaha!

He spent the afternoon playing with that game I bought him and fell asleep real late. We joined some friends for some yummy dinner & beer … more like a X’mas eve’s eve dinner. Hahahaha! Since I didn’t get to shoot any photos (ok maybe 3 snapshots of Fitzand) this morning, I decided to waste some shutter counts on the food.

Cajun chicken

Italian sausage

Ceasar salad

Stuffed jalapenos! Oh man … this stuff is super yummy although my tongue (and ass) was on fire after eating them. Wash ’em down with some ice cold beer and it’s like heaven!

X’mas meal … fried turkey!

Bacon pizza … yummy!

There were a few other yummies we had but I didn’t got to take any photos of ’em because I was too busy eating … and drinking. Muwahhaha! Damn. Now I’m feeling oh-so-full and can’t sleep but my eyelids are giving up on me real soon. I’ve to work tomorrow. We are working half day because it’s X’mas eve and I’m sure it will be more eating and drinking after that half day of work. Life … is great!


  1. oh my god, my stomach is so hungry now

  2. HAppy Holidays!!!

  3. @Mijonju : Are you still in HK? You’ve lots of yummies there already!

    @lawry : Happy holidays and Merry X’mas to you too.

  4. Wah where is this makan place? Food looks damn fantastic man.. *drools*
    Have a great end of year blast ya~

  5. @Zig Ziggler : That’s Botak Jones! Hahaha! The very affordable yummy stalls. I was at the Toa Payoh outlet.

  6. i spotted the hot babe… so cute….

  7. @noreen : Hahahaha! You sick!!!

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