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After a long absence from shooting 120 film, this roll of Agfa Portrait 160 loaded into my Holga was supposed to be a ‘welcome’ back for me into the world of medium format. I’ll be shooting much more using 120 film come 2010. What was supposed to be a few rolls of images shot in Malaysia few weeks back … ended up only half a roll was completed. These first few were taken when were we in Kuala Lumpur …

This one below is my favourite from the roll. Nevermind about the weird wicked light leak on the left. I love these couple of outdoor shots. Wish I had finish an entire roll shooting them then, but too bad I was busy shooting some video of them with the Harinezumi at that time.

My sis-in-law will sure wanna kill me when she sees the next photo. Hahaha! From her expression … I’m damn sure she was telling her darling daughter to look at Uncle Andrew’s ugly big plastic camera!

Ermm … next one … I don’t even recall taking this shot! I must be damn drunk at that seafood dinner! Duh!

These few below are  ‘fillers’ taken at home when I was playing with Fitzand in his room. 😀


That white toy dog is one of his X’mas present from a friend. He calls it Squeezy.

This one below is another one that I don’t remember taking. Looks like some closeup (too close!) of some X’mas tree.

… and last but not least … another shameless self-portrait! 😀

It’s Christmas day and I’m down with flu. Duh! That somehow gave me an excuse to sit home and scan this roll of film and bring my family out for some yummy dinner after Fitzand wakes up from his nap. I was supposed to go out and test those Lensbaby optics but I’m too tired to do so. Let’s see how it goes after some coffee …

.. till then …



  1. nice shot andy

  2. Lovely images. Always love Holga shots.
    Merry Christmas Andrew and hope you get rid of that flu soon.

  3. @ichi & Ta : Thanks & Merry X’mas to you too.

  4. hahhahaha your potrait wins the race…..

  5. @noreen : Stop laughing! Hehehe! I’m practicing how to wear a safety helmet properly in case I need to change line someday. I can be like your Ah Phua in his ex-job. 😀

  6. wow your son has a really long tongue?! wow 😀 Im back in Japan.. so tired, i think ill hit the sack now.

  7. It’s X’mas not Halloween!

  8. @Mijonju : Hahaha! I was laughing when I saw that shot. His tongue don’t look that long in other sticking out tongue shots or in real life. Maybe Holga has some special creepy cool effect that the band Kiss might wanna check out.

    @cyanwater : I’ll keep these shots for Halloween!

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