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This must be the coolest X’mas ever! I got this present from my wife and she told me to stop using that boring little black camera bag (a small Domke) because it looks so boring. Hahaha! Yay! It’s a Herringbone VOL leather camera bag! Cool! Well she didn’t actually pick it herself but got me to find myself one that I like. Not wanting to spend too much, I settled for a minty used condition one from a photography forum’s buy/sell section. I’ve quite many camera bags in my storeroom, so I’ve to really cut down on spendings on bags (or cameras!).

This is the medium sized version. I think there is a larger one but I don’t really need to lug around that much equipments and this can perhaps hold my E-P1 and a few other smaller toy cameras. The bag is still in minty condition and I can’t wait to get it more ‘seasoned’ because I love my leather stuffs with that ‘old’ look. Hahaha!

It’s coming to the end of a Saturday and I’ve yet to even do any test shots with my Lensbaby Fisheye and Soft Focus optics. Duh! I’ve not had a rest for these few days because Fitzand was sticking to me non-stop and my slow and ultra-damn-boring maid can’t keep him ‘entertained’ for even half an hour. Argh. I’m dead tired now. I was supposed to wake up at 5am this morning to catch the sunrise but I wasn’t feeling well … so the shoot had to be cancelled. 🙁 I think I seriously need a break or I’ll go crazy real soon.

I’ve to rush to the post office tomorrow to collect a parcel that I have been waiting for. What’s in it? Muwahaha! I ain’t telling! Come back and check my blog maybe tomorrow evening/night and you might find out.


  1. Wow…nice bag but it looks abit troublesome to detach the lens from the SLR body all the time…

  2. so I’ve to really cut down on spendings on bags (or cameras!).

    Never stop buying cameras ndroo!

  3. @Jer : I’m not sure about those larger pro bodies but the bag can fit my Canon 40D with my wide lens attached, and still fit a 30mm, Lensbaby Composer and Lensbaby Muse. Haha. I know the picture above makes it look like it’s pretty ‘narrow’.

    @Joe : I’m not listening! Arghhh!!!

  4. nice.

  5. Classic look. I recently bought a domke to carry my toy cams and the salesman gave me tat weirdo look!
    Made me wonder (for a moment..luckily) if I am the only one who would do such a thing.
    Now I know I have company 😀

  6. @cyanwater : Thanks 😀

    @Zig : Hahaha! I actually have two Domke bags. One is the big one for my DSLR and stuffs (that are hardly used anymore) and the other small one for my E-P1 and toy cams. I don’t think there are any ‘rules’ that what bags are for what kind of cams right? If there is … toy cam lovers like us will be putting our plastic cams in plastic bags from supermarkets. LOL

  7. thats one hell outta good buy.

  8. @shunzi : Thanks. Yeah I love the bag lots.

  9. Nice bag. Wish I can have one too instead of a boring black bag… : )

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