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The title of this blog entry is inspired by Irorus who replied in my other entry (Fireworks : NY Eve 2010). For those who are wondering what ‘lalang’ is … they are actually those ermm … long-ish grass. Ermm … I don’t know what they’re called but ‘lalang’ is a Malay name for it. She posted that comment before I managed to post up this blog entry … and so I ‘stole’ the title from her comment. Hahaha!

My favourite shot of the day. The main ‘model’ is my friend’s doggie called Helios and this was taken with an IR converted camera. It was a bit too early and sunlight wasn’t perfect for IR photography but I thought I could just give it a go and somehow this shot turned out pretty okay with a very retro tone.

I headed for the beach at around 6am with some friends to catch the first sunrise of the year. Unfortunately the sun was hiding behind lots of clouds and thus I could only do some test shots using the Lensbaby Soft Focus Optic and Lensbaby Fisheye Optic on my Composer. As you can see, I do not have many shots using the Fisheye because I just couldn’t find the right subjects to use it on.

Anyway … I think I’m loving the Soft Focus Optic (SFO) lots. I ain’t into those dreamy photos that are done in Photoshop but the soft dreamy feel from the SFO is pretty neat if used on the right subjects/scene.

See the cool ‘sun’ in this photo above? Read below to find out what it is.

The only shot taken using the Fisheye optic that didn’t end up in the trash bin. On a cropped factor camera (Canon 40D), you can see that the fisheye photo circle is pretty much cropped away and that leaves some vignetting looking corners. Pretty neat eh? I’ll try loving the vignetting effects until I can finally afford to go full frame. Hmm … maybe I will try using it on my film SLR to get full frame a no extra cost.

Very cool crazy ‘effects’ right? Pointing the SFO direct into some bright spots of light will result in some freakin cool flower-like effects! If you are wondering what causes it … just look at how the aperture ‘holes’ are on the SFO in the photo below.

It was a super short morning outing and we wrapped up the shoot and went for breakfast at Jalan Kayu before heading home. I’m very excited about the SFO and can’t wait to do more shots with it and perhaps experiment with the two other aperture discs that came with it. Now all I need to do is try take a short nap and hopefully wake up fresh and inspired. I slept only about 3 hours last night! Argh!!!


  1. LOL!!! love those dreamy Lalangs lah!

  2. @irorus : Too bad most area of that place in Punggol already fenced up for some construction. Duh. There goes more nature. I’ve yet to check out the old lalang field but hope they left them untouched.

  3. ooo! thats how u got it! hahah maybe i go make a mask and try =D

  4. @nic : Not sure how the SFO actually works but if it’s just the aperture discs that makes a difference, I don’t see why a DIY one won’t work. Need to find some different sized hole punchers for that though.

  5. wow! for the lalangs post
    i love the soft focus shots – dreeeeeeammmmmmmmyyyyy ^.^

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