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I’ve had this roll of Natura 1600 film in my Klasse W for a really long time and in it were a few shots taken during my Hong Kong trip some many months back! Gosh! Since I was dropping by the lab today, I finished the last 3 shots from the roll and popped it in the lab to see what’s in it. I didn’t even remember I had a few shots from that HK trip. Hahaha!

I kinda like these few shots taken here in Singapore … ermmm … I think somewhere around Amoy Street. The weather that day was pretty cloudy after a short drizzle and so the fast film came in pretty handy.

Here are few leftover (and forgotten) shots from Hong Kong …

Oh! This brings back memories. I was sitting at this hotel lounge with Fitzand … enjoying some beautiful performance by this very beautiful lady. We were both munching chips … I was gulping beer and he was sipping orange juice. Life is great!

These few shots of Fitzand was taken a couple of weeks back at Raffles City when we were out shopping. Not sure why they turn out very grainy and the scans look like some video screenshots. Hahaha!

I saw this cute bear dumped at the garbage area below my block. The poor little fella’s shirt says ‘All I want is a room somewhere’.  Not sure why the owner abandoned him but he sure still in very good condition.

Time to go shower and hit the bed now. It’s almost 1am!!! I’m still in denial that tomorrow is gonna be a blue blue Monday after a long long weekend. Oh wait!!! Not tomorrow!!! It’s TODAY! Argh!!!! It’s hours from now!!!

Gotta go now. Good night, world.


  1. I miss hong kong after looking at your photos.. this is great bro.. ill be back real soon, as soon as my spanish friends leave..

  2. @Mijonju : That explains why you seem to be missing lately. LOL. Must be fun hanging out with friends. If all goes well … soon your ‘Singapore friend’ will be there. Just make sure you don’t bring him camera shopping okay? 😀

  3. The bear’s shirt is really apt! I think 800 film, you can’t really run from the grains bah.

  4. @nic : The Natura is 1600 film. The grains are expected for sure. 😀

  5. wow, that singer in the nightclub was with 1600 and no flash? Did you sit the camera on a table or tripod? Any idea what shutter speed you were using? Love that shot!!

  6. @Erik : Yeah 1600 and no flash. I was holding the camera in my hands but I was seated and had my elbows rested to help keep the cam steady. As for speed … ermm … sorry I’ve no idea. Hahaha. It’s hard to notice such things after some booze. 😛 Thanks

  7. happy new year ndroo! like yr amoy street shots!! .. natura1600 ex hor ?

  8. @lawry : Thanks. Happy New Year to you too. Yeah the film is a little on the ex side but I think it’s worth every cent.

  9. that one amoy? nice? i go find that abondon place…. hehehe

  10. @noreen : It’s near there. Haha! I ain’t sure what street name coz I was just loitering around that area. It’s between two blocks of those old double storey shop houses.

  11. ooo! omg that amoy street place sure sounds amazing o.O! ( or rather. looks) haha
    where is it? is it even still there. haha maybe its ur film but the colours are really nice. i particularly like the chairs one :O ahha
    any directions to tat place.. is it an abandoned.. building?

  12. @yz : Sorry I don’t know the exact location but I remember walking randomly around that area and chanced upon that scene. Hahaha! You’ll have to be adventurous and try loiter around there to see if you can find it. It is in between two rows of shops/shophouses. Not really abandoned. I think it is just some ‘backyard’ of some other shop (maybe … just maybe).

  13. ooo ok 😀 haha which road issit again? might go walk walk and check out 😀 oh and how the heck do i get there =.= haha if u dunno then nvm st names would b great for 😀

  14. @yz : I can’t remember the street name. LOL! I remember lurking around China Square, then to some roads behind there with those flea market … then … ermm … walked … and walked … ermm …

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